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    Five Referral Sales Challenges Facing HMEs Right Now

    HME sales expert Ty Bellow joins the HMEB podcast to discuss how providers can overcome the five toughest sales challenges in the post-COVID healthcare environment. 06/10/2021

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    The Rise of the Value-Based HME

    As the industry rounds the bend out of COVID, HME providers can expect more patient demand and a broader set of needs from their clients and referral partners. Are they ready? 05/20/2021

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    Leveraging Policies and Procedures Lessons

    COVID-19 taught providers a lot in terms of infection control, telehealth and other aspects of their businesses. What lessons will stick around for the long haul and what things should they have been doing all along? 04/29/2021

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    Telehealth Evals for Complex Rehab: What's Involved?

    CMS relaxed telehealth regulations for CRT, but what are the technology tools available and how do providers implement it? Moreover, shouldn’t it be a regular part of the way care and business are conducted? 04/21/2021

  • The Return of Medicare Claims Audits

    Several months ago CMS threatened it would resume its claims audits. Now that is happening and audit expert Wayne van Halem provides the details on what’s happening and what providers need to know. 04/07/2021

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Podcast: 5 Referral Sales Challenges Facing HMEs Right Now