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Software Spotlight: Brightree's Home Infusion Enhancements

The post-acute software company has added more than a dozen workflow enhancements designed for home infusion pharmacy organizations to its Business Management Solution for Pharmacy.

Given the benefits that home infusion therapy represents to post-acute healthcare providers, and particularly to DME pharmacies, post-acute software company Brightree LLC (brightree.com) recently unveiled major enhancements to its Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy that are aimed at improving efficiencies and profitability for home infusion provider organizations.

The enhancements include more than a dozen new features covering intake through reimbursement designed to improve efficiency, reduce manual data entry and errors, and expedite claims and reimbursement processes.

Key enhancements include comprehensive patient intake, discharge and patient status mechanisms, and contract pricing. Let’s take a look at them a little more closely:


New customizable, role-driven workflows the enhancements are designed to guide staff members through their portion of the patient intake process, with indicators for required information at each stage. The aim of these enhancements is to ensure key information related to payer requirements and patient medications are captured upfront to reduce downstream errors, improve clinical interactions and make it easier to train staff regardless of role.


These features help DME pharmacies maintain accurate records of patients on service, share discharge summaries with prescribers and trigger necessary actions that must be completed once a patient is discharged. This helps DME pharmacies meet expectations of accreditation bodies and improves communications with other providers in the care network, while lightening administrative workloads for home infusion organizations’ highest-paid resources.


This revenue cycle tool lets DME pharmacies establish rule-based pricing that reflects unique payer contracts. Everything provided to patients, whether a prescription, a piece of equipment, or a visit, is priced automatically and used throughout the workflow on test claims, delivery tickets and claims. This feature eliminates the burden of manually tracking and inputting published price updates from industry leaders, while maximizing the revenue opportunities that come from them.


The care and revenue benefits of home infusion are clear, particularly with CMS’s new home infusion benefit in mind. That said, home infusion pharmacies have to navigate a series of complex processes in order to get reimbursed for servicing their patients, notes Nupura Kolwalkar, chief product officer at Brightree.

“With the updates announced today, Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy helps connect those otherwise disjointed workflows to revolutionize organizational efficiencies and pave the way for greater gains with fewer complications,” she says. “These efficiency drivers are a key step in Brightree’s home infusion connected care vision and one we plan to build on throughout the year with further innovations to support providers from referral through payment.”


Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy also comes with features designed to help DME pharmacies measure productivity and operational efficiencies with customizable dashboards covering intake, pharmacy operations, nursing, billing and reimbursement. Pharmacies can view and analyze trends to more accurately measure profitability, better understand their staffing needs and track progress on key business goals, among other benefits.

Brightree Business Management Solution for Pharmacy also offers connections to the broader healthcare ecosystem to help pharmacies digitally communicate with their referral sources, streamline processes and ensure continuity and connectivity of care.

This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy April 2022 issue of HME Business.

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