HomesRenewed to Drive Aging-in-Place Legislation in 2021

Group, which includes VGM Live at Home, lines up a variety of priorities designed to help seniors continue living safely and healthily at home, during COVID-19 PHE and beyond.

“This is the perfect storm. … We need government incentives to drive consumers to upgrade their homes now," says HomesRenewed Founder and CEO Louis Tenenbaum.

The HomesRenewed Coalition, a new national group for aging-in-place stakeholders, is gearing up to call on the incoming 117th Congress to pass various legislative provisions that would help seniors continue living safely at home.

The group includes home renovation, homecare and technology companies and organizations such as VGM Live at Home, Lifewise Clinical Home Modifications, Accessible Systems, HandyPro, Age Safe America, and Legal Eagle Contractors. (Click here for a full membership list.)

The coalition’s legislative priorities include tax and other incentives that would help Americans enhance their homes to be more accessible for aging-in-place and homecare scenarios, as well as add construction jobs.

“This is a quickly-moving group effort bringing together builders and remodelers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as healthcare providers to ensure that our aging population’s housing needs are understood and addressed in upcoming legislation,” HomesRenewed Founder and CEO Louis Tenenbaum said.

Tenenbaum underscored the urgency of Congressional action given the COVID-19 public health emergency and studies that show more than 80 percent of Americans wish to age in place.

“This is the perfect storm,” he said. “COVID-19 laid bare the dangers of living in long-term group care facilities, jobs are needed; and healthcare costs are going through the roof. But safe and appropriate housing just isn’t available today. We need government incentives to drive consumers to upgrade their homes now.”

Tenenbaum urged home access and aging-in-place stakeholders to join the national, non-partisan coalition. More information on HomesRenewed and registration details are available at or via email at

“We encourage our colleagues to join us in this effort and grow the movement for better, safer housing for older Americans,” he added.

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