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    Pocket-Sized Therapy

    Thanks to an innovative technological approach, the FLYP portable nebulizer offers therapy in a small form factor. 12/06/2018

  • DME retail

    Showcasing DME's Retail Superstars

    Several DME product categories are almost guaranteed sellers. What are the best ways to stock them so that you maximize their revenue potential? 12/01/2018

  • Business Solutions

    Oxygen Out of the Box

    Oxygen products and services are a key segment for HME, but not all of its users are Medicare beneficiaries. What are the new non-Medicare markets? What are the new oxygen business models that are being developed to serve those markets? Who are the patients? How can providers find a way in? 12/01/2018

  • Products & Technology
    evolution of software

    Constant Evolution

    The software systems that providers use continue to respond to industry changes. They add new capabilities in order to help providers tackle new trends, challenges and opportunities. We survey the latest developments from a variety of software companies to see how their products are evolving to help providers. 12/01/2018

  • Products & Technology
    blue ribbon

    Blue Ribbon HME

    Our fifth annual HMEB New Product Awards competition has yielded some solid winners. After careful review from our panel of HME provider judges, we have announced 12 winning products across multiple categories. Learn more about the winning offerings, and how these products can benefit your business and your patients. 12/01/2018

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