• Azar Nominated as Secretary of HHS

    AAHomecare welcomes news, with Ryan saying he hopes Azar will focus on competitive bidding’s ‘flawed regulatory design.’ 11/14/2017


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  • Observation Deck

    The Survival of the Fittest

    Returning to Medtrade after a few years shows an industry that is reinvigorated and ready to thrive. 11/02/2017

  • Products & Technology

    3 Ways to Achieve e-Commerce

    For many HME providers, the world of e-commerce can seem like completely foreign territory that is far afield from what they do, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Today's business happens online, and HMEs must respond to that trend. Fortunately, while providers might not know how to take the first step, there are three business models that can put them on the path to e-commerce success. 11/01/2017

  • Oxygen Audit Outlook: TPE Audits

    Audit expert Wayne van Halem explains why respiratory providers need to pay close attention to Medicare's new TPE audits. 11/01/2017

  • Editor's Note

    What I love about HME

    No industry is perfect, but the HME industry possesses a rare quality that I really admire. 11/01/2017

  • Business Solutions
    Portable oxygen

    Oxygen Outlook: Portable Oxygen's Leap of Faith

    Despite portable oxygen’s strong value proposition both from a care perspective and a business point of view, many respiratory providers still haven’t transitioned to using these devices. However, as 2018 approaches, the need to do so becomes all the more pressing. Why are they holding out, and how can they more easily take what they might perceive to be a leap of faith on this business model? 11/01/2017

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Medtrade Product Showcase

TIMS Software

TIMS Software

TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, provides integrated business management software for HME providers. TIMS offers everything from patient intake and revenue cycle operations to inventory management and financial reporting. Other features include billing rules & fee schedules, workflow, document management, billing, rental equipment, electronic claims validation, reimbursement, denial management, barcoding, EDI, drop shipping, document imaging, business intelligence & APIs.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

SystemOne® – The Total HME Business Management Solution


SystemOne enables you to easily handle every aspect of your business, including accounts receivable, point-of-sale, shipping, rentals, sales and more. Cloud-based or installed, you can select the functionality you need, then add to it as business demands. Our robust reporting system provides instant access to the information you need and our IVR is an excellent way to communicate with customers.

(866) 590-9493
Medtrade Booth 1961

F&P Brevida™ Nasal Pillows Mask


Introducing F&P Brevida™. A nasal pillows mask designed for confidence and built for comfort. Patient confidence with CPAP therapy begins with a mask that fits and is comfortable. F&P Brevida features adjustable headgear to deliver an individual fit and the innovative AirPillow™ seal which inflates to form a ‘pillow’ of air in and around the nose for a gentle, effective seal.

Fisher & Paykel
(800) 466-3908

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