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  • VIDEO: Providers Describe Impact of Cuts

    As the July 1 cuts take hold, HME providers convey the impact that cuts are having on their patients and their ability to stay in business. 08/04/2016

  • Products & Technology

    Making the e-Commerce Connection

    As providers continue to explore how they can expand their retail sales revenues, they are coming face-to-face with an unavoidable reality: e-commerce. Businesses large and small are selling online, and customers want to buy online. How should providers shape their e-commerce plans, and what are the key considerations they must keep in mind? 08/01/2016

  • Problem Solvers

    POCs: Education for Improved Outcomes

    There are multiple reasons why oxygen providers should establish POC education programs. Various experts examine those reasons and how providers should implement such programs. 08/01/2016

  • Observation Deck

    Optimizing the Handling of Faxes

    Still an everyday reality of healthcare, facsmiles can be mishandled by even the most efficient provider. How can efaxing help fix the problem? 08/01/2016

  • HME Retail Sales
    Grow Your Retail Business

    15 Ways To Grow Your Retail Business

    HMEB talks to several retail experts to get their insights into 15 techniques any provider can implement to increase its retail revenues. 08/01/2016

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