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  • 2018 HME Business Handbook: Home Access

    How To Identify And Work With Home Access Partners

    Home access can help providers tap into a vast retail market, but as the complexity goes up, a partnership might make sense. How should you approach? 06/01/2018

  • HME Handbook: Home Access

    How to Approach Home Access for Seniors

    Falls pose a significant risk to seniors trying to continue living independently in their homes; how can providers help eliminate the risk of them? 06/01/2017

  • Products & Technology
    Aging in place

    Rethinking Aging in Place

    Aging in place isn’t just home access. It represents a broad array of new service opportunities for the senior market. What are some top product categories that providers can use to jump in? 04/01/2017

  • Harmar Announces New CEO

    Steven Dawson comes to accessibility manufacturer with a background in business growth and development. 12/12/2016

  • Greatorex to Lead VGM’s AHIA

    As president, Jim Greatorex will lead home access organization, which provides education, certification and networking for providers. 12/08/2016

  • 2016 HME Handbook
    Ramp Needs

    How to Assess a Client's Ramp Needs

    Approaching a ramp install starts with assessing the patient's needs and circumstances, and that assessment must incorporate various elements. 06/01/2016

  • EZ-ACCESS Adds Industry Veteran to its Sales Leadership

    Cy Corgan will apply his HME, mobility experience to guide sales team for home access company manufacturer. 02/25/2016

  • HME Business Award Winners
    HME Business Award Winners

    The Envelope, Please

    Last year HME Business launched its New Product of the Year Award program. Now in our second year, we’ve enjoyed even better response. This year’s winners included compelling entries in categories such as mobility, respiratory, retail sales, auto access, home access, diabetic supplies, and business services. Learn more about the products and services that struck a chord with our judges. 12/01/2015

  • Problem Solvers

    Getting a Leg up in Platform Lifts

    Vertical platform lifts serve key access need for patients, but they are a more complex offering. How can home access providers expand their businesses via VPLs? 12/01/2015

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