Sunset Announces Deal to Distribute SleepRes Product

Sunset Healthcare Solutions has announced an agreement to distribute the SleepRes V-Com, designed to improve the CPAP experience for consumers.

SleepRes V-Com device shown with closeup view

In a March 22 news announcement, Sunset described the V-Com as innovative and said the small device “softens the peak inspiratory flow that is often troublesome to new patients using CPAP, APAP, and bi-level PAP therapy — all while maintaining the pressure needed for treatment results.”

PJ Ruflin, Vice President of Business Development at Sunset, said in the announcement, “We are always looking for strong partnerships and ways to bring solutions to providers to help them grow their business and create added value. SleepRes and their V-Com product fit this objective perfectly, and we look forward to helping get it into the hands of providers and patients alike, to improve their outcomes and adherence with PAP therapy.”

SleepRes noted that V-Com — considered an accessory to CPAP, APAP, or bi-level prescription therapy — does not require a separate prescription and is for single patient use. V-Com can be washed in soap and water by using a bristled brush and can be air dried.

Sunset said that while V-Com was originally designed for new patients who are adjusting to CPAP use, longtime CPAP users have also reported a more comfortable CPAP experience while using V-Com, which reduces CPAP noise, reduces leaking, or can eliminate the need for a chinstrap.

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