Sunrise Medical Launches RGK in North America

RGK offers made-to-measure manual wheelchairs based on dozens of measurements taken down to the millimeter, as well as a team approach to seating.

Sunrise Medical has launched its RGK made-to-measure manual chair range in North America.

Acquired by Sunrise Medical in 2015, RGK Wheelchairs offers a highly specified made-to-measure line of manual wheelchairs. RGK typically takes more than 30 measurements down to the millimeter to custom handcrafting a chair for each rider.

“I don’t compromise with my manual mobility; why would I expect others to?” said Josh Anderson, vice president of Business Development at RGK and an RGK rider himself. “Good is not good enough. We are committed to making a better product than we are obligated to for the well-being of our customers.”

RGK has also created and is launching an RGK Genius Program aimed at getting the perfect fit through working with the rider’s seating team. Every RGK wheelchair evaluation/consultation will have an RGK Genius “subject matter expert” available in person or via video conference to assist with measurements and any questions on the RGK product.

“Having a subject matter expert on RGK present at the evaluation/consultation allows challenges to be resolved immediately,” said Jim Black, director of Strategic Accounts and Business Development and an RGK rider as well. “Our goal is to give the rider the best possible fit using a collaborative process with the team. It is a huge advantage to doing made-to-measure right and efficiently. It also takes some of the burden out of ‘getting the chair right.’”

The brand has built a reputation for made-to-measure design. Already available in other parts of the world, RGK’s chairs are supported by many top professional athletes and more than 30 world champion ambassadors.

Additionally, RGK is incorporating more ergonomic frame options to sculpt the frame around the rider’s body. Combining design with advanced materials (as well as the RGK Genius Program), RGK reported it is working on a custom design model that will ensure each rider gets proper weight distribution and a perfect fit.

“Our goal is to build the best product for the rider while removing the fear of ordering a made-to-measure manual chair,” said Larry Jackson, president of Sunrise Medical North America. “If the chair is wrong, we will make it right, period.”

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