React Health Intros Ventilator Offering

After its acquisition of Ventec, the new addition to React Health’s range of offerings is designed for flexible, portable therapy.

Having completed its purchase of Ventec Life Systems, React Health (formerly 3B Medical Inc.) is showcasing the addition of the VOCSN V+ Pro Ventilator to its line of offerings.

Designed for portability and flexibility, the VOCSN V+ Pro Ventilator offers patients weighing more than 11 lbs. a lightweight, 14 lbs. device that provides up to 9 hours of battery life.

Other features include:

  • Invasive, non-invasive, and mouthpiece ventilation.  
  • Equipped with High Flow Oxygen Therapy delivering a continuous, set flow of gas.
  • A comprehensive set of modes and settings, including pressure and volume control, as well as advanced leak compensation.  
  • Certified for use in hospital, institutional, transport, and home environments for adult and pediatric patients.

The VOCSN V+ Pro is now available for purchase and delivery.

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