Two New Chairs Up the Group 2 Ante

The Jazzy EVO 613 and EVO 613Li aim to push boundaries for the power mobility category by incorporating a variety of performance and comfort features.

Pride Mobility has unveiled its Jazzy EVO 613 and Jazzy EVO 613Li, a pair of mid-wheel drive power chairs that aim to raise the stakes in the Group 2 game.

Both the Jazzy EVO 613 and Jazzy EVO 613Li models feature a mid-wheel drive; a 300-pound weight capacity; a new captain’s seat; 13-inch drive tires; a turning radius of 22 inches; Active Trac Suspension; and multiple matte color-through shroud options.

Also, both units are Medicare reimbursable as codes K0822 and K0823.

The main difference between the two chairs is the power source. The Jazzy EVO 613has two U1 sealed lead-acid batteries, and the Jazzy EVO 613Li has one lithium iron phosphate battery.

The Jazzy EVO 613Li’s battery delivers a 25 percent faster charging time; is 55 percent lighter and smaller; has a 300 percent longer battery life cycle than other Jazzys; and provides up to 21 miles per charge. The battery also maintains the chair’s 5.1 mph maximum speed throughout the entire discharge cycle.

Other features shared by both chairs:

  • 3-inch ground clearance
  • Removable matte-finish color-through shrouds
  • Access to the controller and batteries without the user needing to exit the chair
  • Depth-adjustable, limited recline, memory foam single seat post allows the user to swivel
  • Mid-Wheel 6 Technology

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