Drive DeVilbiss Discontinues DV5 and DV6 Devices

The discontinuation of the CPAP units comes after material shortages and move to focus on oxygen equipment production.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare will discontinue its DV5 and DV6 series CPAP devices as of December 2021 and is no longer accepting new CPAP orders so that it can fill as many open orders as possible.

The company will continue to support warranty commitments on the DV5 and DV6 Series CPAP products and the sale of accessories such as chambers, filters, and patient tubing, to support continued usage of the CPAPs by users.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare attributed its decision to discontinue the CPAP products to raw material shortages; difficulty securing needed parts; and increased component pricing.

That said, a statement from the company noted it will continue to focus on its oxygen products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the last two years, Drive DeVilbiss has been a major supplier of critical oxygen products during the largest respiratory pandemic in history,” Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare CEO Derek Lampert said. “… With the most recent resurgence of COVID-19, we continue to run at maximum capacity. The ability to transition the manufacturing space away from the CPAP lines will allow us to raise our output of these critical medical devices.”

The move ends more than 30 years of sleep products for the company. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare launched its first CPAP in 1989, followed by one of the first commercially available auto-adjusting CPAPs in 1995. Five years later, remote monitoring was introduced.

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