Sunrise Medical Unveils the QUICKIE Nitrum

The high-performance, ultra-lightweight rigid wheelchairs put an emphasis on efficient motion but also pack some user-inspired features.

Sunrise Medical has launched QUICKIE Nitrum, a new -lightweight rigid wheelchair for the company that focuses on helping the user to propel with the least amount of effort.

Nitrum feature patented ovalized frame tubing made of aerospace-graded 7020 aluminum to help cut weight. The wheelchair is available in an everyday configuration starting at 18.3 lbs. Specially heat treated using Sunrise’s ShapeLoc technology, hand welded components and other features designed to minimize weight while enhancing the stiffness and performance.

The Nitrum’s newly patented caster link is one hollow forged component instead of multiple parts welded. Stronger, lighter and completely adjustable, the caster link can be personally tailored for handling, turning and propulsion efficiency that’s ideal for the user..

Nitrum also incorporates user-inspired features such as integrated LEDs that allow the removal of batteries for easy charging or weight reduction. A newly patented Twist-to-Lock bar lets users fold, lift and load the Nitrum into a car with just one hand. The block-and-tackle seat upholstery requires minimal effort for tensioning and individual adjustment. Also, a completely redesigned compact wheel lock is more durable and transfer friendly, and the direct mount version can further reduce weight.

“The valuable feedback from our customers have significantly influenced and advanced our development of Nitrum,” Sunrise Medical’s group CEO Thomas Babacan said. “We make sure that we consider all the finest details in our designs and innovations, and we are confident you will feel the differences and benefits.”

Additionally, users can express their personal styles with various choices of colored upholstery trim, anodized caster wheels and forks, painted handrims, frame graphics and color options.

The company launched Nitrum in other markets earlier this year and it has already won an award in the United Kingdom.

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