Non-Invasive Ventilation & Home Oxygen Are Cost-Effective COPD Treatment

New researchsuggest that a combination of home oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation are effective treatments and less costly than alternatives.

ResMed has released a pair of studies suggesting that a combination of home oxygen therapy (HOT) and home non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is a cost-effective way to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The first, "Cost-Effectiveness of Home Oxygen Therapy — Home Mechanical Ventilation (HMV) for the Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Chronic Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure Following an Acute Exacerbation of COPD in the United Kingdom," looked at patients admitted to the hospital for an exacerbation of their COPD requiring NIV. The medical resource utilization, including home equipment, doctor visits, patient-reported medications and hospital readmission, at the patient level was then analyzed and used as the basis to develop an economic model to determine the costs at the individual treatment level.

According to the study, the combined treatment reduced the frequency of exacerbations and readmissions within a 28-day period.

The second study was based on the UK analysis and used trial data to build an economic model specific to patients in the United States. It found a 58.3-percent drop in hospital readmissions and a reduction in costs.

"It's common for a procedure or therapy to improve patient outcomes and quality of life, but it's rare to have a significant clinical impact with such a favorable economic impact as well, as HOT-HMV does," said ResMed Chief Medical Officer Carlos M. Nunez, in a prepared statement. "This finding is very positive news for people living with COPD who could benefit from HOT-HMV. The cost-saving potential is one more factor for encouraging wider use of this therapy option."

The studies were sponsored by ResMed and presented at this year's American Thoracic Society Conference.

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