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We take a look at some of the latest sleep products on the market.

With HME sleep providers reporting that their sleep patient volume grew 5.2 percent in 2014, sleep remains an essential revenue driver with tremendous potential from the growing population of seniors. And after the initial purchase of numerous sleep items, resupply becomes a key revenue strategy. Mask use alone is expected to increase in 2015, which could push market growth 8 percent to 9 percent. Other common resupply items include mask liners, wipes and other key replacement and cleaning items. Also, a category like sleep, with a large resupply upswing, offers ample opportunities for upselling.

With competitive bidding threatening the Medicare sleep business, there is cash market demand and myriad untapped patients who need to be educated about the positive effects of sleep therapy.

Essential to your sleep business are making people aware through marketing and education. Patients must be informed about sleep conditions, and informed about their care, so that they can take control of managing their condition and complying with therapy. This will mean successful outcomes and long-term relationships with both patients and referral partners. Moreover, providers should focus on using various “platforms” on which to deliver their education, such as community events, email campaigns and social networking.

As you go forward with growing your sleep business, here are some of the latest products to consider:

AirCurve 10 Series

AirCurve 10Sleep Therapy Solutions for a Range of Needs

  • The AirCurve 10 series includes three bilevel devices for specialized support of challenging sleep apnea cases, as well as an adaptive servo-ventilation device for patients with central sleep apnea or Cheyne-Stokes respiration.
  • The AirCurve 10 device features built-in wireless connectivity, which supports remote patient monitoring and engagement, and works with ResMed’s AirView patient monitoring software.
  • The AirCurve 10 Series for sleep-disordered breathing therapy includes TiControl (set minimum and maximum time limits on either side of the patient’s ideal spontaneous flow cycling), trigger sensitivity, Vsync (helps provide patient-ventilator synchrony) and HumidAir (integrated heated humidification).

(877) 242-1703

Innova Mask

Innova MaskCPAP Mask that Minimizes Irritation

  • The Innova mask, which is offered in Nasal and Full Face options, features the patented AIRgel cushion for comfort and minimum weight. The AIRgel cushion has advanced cushion technology, which was developed to protect the patient’s face from irritation and pressure.
  • Coupled with the Active Headgear Connector design, which moves when the patient moves, the mask offers comfort and the freedom to move without breaking the seal.
  • The mask has a flexible spacebar design, which eliminates contact with the patient’s forehead. The lightweight headgear has quick release and slides off the patient’s head with one hand without the use of clips.

DeVilbiss Healthcare
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PAP Travel Briefcase

PAP Travel BriefcaseEasy Device Transport of Sleep Apnea Patients

  • The PAP Travel briefcase helps sleep apnea patients travel more easily when carrying their sleep therapy system. This customized, all-in-one luggage option organizes PAP equipment, a laptop, and small carry-on items neatly, securely and discreetly.
  • Two separate bags (one for the laptop and one for PAP equipment) combine into a single carry-on or each bag can be unzipped and used separately.
  • The briefcase has a professional design and measures 22”w x 14”h x 9”d.

Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443

Enhanced F&P ICON+

Enhanced F&P ICON+A Simplified Sleep Therapy Experience

  • The unit’s new patient mode offers easy access to the four most commonly used settings: on/off, ramp, humidity and sleep data. These enhancements minimize patients’ set-up time, helping to promote a positive experience.
  • F&P ICON+ is compatible with InfoSmart Web, a compliance management solution that delivers multiple data transfer options, including InfoUSB and InfoGSM, to manage patient compliance cost-effectively.
  • Technolgies include ThermoSmart, for more humidity leading to more comfort, and SensAwake, which is responsive pressure relief.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
(800) 446-3908

Quest CPAP Mask

Quest CPAP Mask Lightweight, Single-Piece CPAP Mask

  • The 6860 Series Quest CPAP Mask is a single-piece mask made of clear, soft thermoplastic elastomer and offers a contoured facemask design with ribbed support that creates a leak-free, comfortable fit.
  • The mask has an anti-asphyxia valve that lets patients breathe room air if the flow device malfunctions.
  • Available in five sizes, the mask has a 360-degree dual swivel elbow port with detachable swivel port for improved patient movement. The lightweight headgear is easy to adjust and uses quick-release strap clips.

Hans Rudolph Inc.
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Pico Nasal Mask

Pico Nasal MaskSleep Mask Designed for Minimal Contact

  • The Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask was created to make minimal contact with the face of sleep apnea patients without sacrificing comfort or a good seal.
  • The mask is small and light and offers a slim-line headgear with stabilizing crown strap, headgear integrated forehead support and tip-of-the-nose snap fit cushion with Philips Respironics’ auto-seal technology.

Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443

VPOD Capox

Pico Nasal MaskDetailed Nocturnal Respiratory Reports

  • The VPOD Capox from Virtuox is a handheld end tidal capnography and pulse oximetry device that lets you create a detailed nocturnal respiratory report for patients who may need NIV or Bi-Level treatment.
  • This device is compatible with the web-based Virtuox platform, which lets you access the information from any web browser.
  • The Virtuox platforms includes a Medicareapproved, independent diagnostic testing facility that assists in the diagnosis and qualification of treatment options for sleep disorder breathing and respiratory diseases at home.

Virtuox Inc.
(877) 456-390-3529 x312

U-Sleep Action View

U-Sleep Action ViewSecure, Flexible Compliance Monitoring for Providers

  • U-Sleep is a secure and flexible compliance solution that monitors CPAP device usage and helps HME providers coach their patients in their therapy.
  • The U-Sleep Action View feature gives HME providers a fast method of sorting patients into actionable groups (managing by exception), letting them focus attention on patients most in need. In turn, HME providers can increase business efficiency and help drive positive patient outcomes.
  • U-Sleep can be an effective tool to reduce cost through improved operational efficiency by streamlining CPAP compliance management.

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SoClean 2

SoClean 2 Protable CPAP Sanitizer for Travel

  • The Sunset SoClean 2 Go is a portable CPAP sanitizer for travel.
  • The unit cleans and sanitizes CPAP mask, hose and humidifier reservoir using the same sanitizing process of Sunset’s SoClean.
  • The SoClean 2 Go is battery operated, compact for travel, weighs just under 1.3 pounds, kills 99.9 percent of CPAP germs and comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The SoClean 2 Go includes a sanitizing bag, one small bottle of pre-wash, a cartridge filter, check valve assembly and eight AA batteries.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions
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PillowFit Deluxe

PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP SystemQuiet PAP Therapy with a Focus on Comfort

  • The PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System was created for quiet PAP therapy while maximizing comfort through a lightweight, minimal facial contact design with three different size nasal pillows for superb user fit.
  • Two breathable, moisture wicking foam straps, make the PillowFit simple to fit to nearly any user.
  • The PillowFit Deluxe includes three pillow sizes, and has been developed with a 360-degree rotating elbow connection with silicon tubing and a simple strap design.

Drive Medical
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This article originally appeared in the March 2015 issue of HME Business.

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