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A selection of some of the versatile oxygen products on the market

Times are tough for oxygen providers. The industry has been hit hard by Medicare budget cuts and the 36-month oxygen rental cap. The rental cap, which took effect in January, caps rental funding for oxygen providers at 36 months. This means that providers only get compensated for three years, despite the five-year length of many programs.

Even with downward pressure on the industry, providers still need to find a way to effectively take care of their patients. Fortunately, product manufacturers continue to produce oxygen products that are cost-effective and patient focused. Some of the  latest products include a fire-safe cannula valve, portable oximeter and kid friendly bi-flow mask. Here is a selection of some of the versatile products on the market:

Cannula Valve Offers Fire Protection
FireSafe Cannula Valve
•  The FireSafe valve is a fire-arresting device that fits into standard cannula tubing.
•  It is located near the patient’s face and helps seal off and stop an oxygen fire before it reaches the oxygen tank. 
•  The valve can limit patient injuries, improve the probability of survival and limit the structural damage caused by fire.
(866) 543-3427


Pulse Oximeter is Easy to Use
View O2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
•  Provides accurate measurements of oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates.
•  Features a full-color, high-definition rotating screen with multi-directional readout.
•  A point of purchase display box makes the unit ideal for walk-in traffic.
Responsive Respiratory
(866) 333-4030


Ventilator Makes Mobility Easy
Trilogy100 at-home life-support ventilator
•  The portable, lightweight device offers volume and pressure control ventilation.
•  Can accommodate a mask, mouthpiece or tracheostomy.
•  The design includes detachable, internal and external power options, with up to six hours of battery capacity.
Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443


Conserver Provides Long-Lasting Supply of Oxygen
Invacare Pneumatic Oxygen Conserver
•  The CGA870 compatible, pulse dose pneumatic conserver has a 3.5-to-1 conserving ratio.
•  It senses a breath and releases an oxygen bolus in the first third of the inspiratory cycle while delivering a consistent volume of oxygen, up to 40 breaths per minute,
•  The compact design weighs less than one pound. 
Invacare Corporation
(800) 333-6900


Easily Read Oxygen Levels
O2 Analyzer
•  The O2 Analyzer features a one-touch calibration with reminder and large LCD with three-digital display.
•  A comfortable hand-held design makes the analyzer convenient for users.
•  The device has a 5,000 hour battery life, and is impact resistant and drip proof.
Drive Medical
(877) 224-0946


Bi-Flow Mask is Child Friendly
Pediatric Bi-Flow Mask
•  The mask is ideal for children unable to tolerate cannulas and features a comfortable fit and animated design to reduce apprehension. 
•  It fits gently under the patient’s nose, creating a reservoir that directs
oxygen into a child’s nose, reducing inflammation.
•  Works with Responsive Respiratory’s full line of pediatric oxygen solutions, including regulators, nebulizers, and cannulas.
Responsive Respiratory
(866) 333-4030

This article originally appeared in the August 2009 issue of HME Business.

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