dj Orthopedics Teams with International Ski Federation on Injury Surveillance Project

SAN DIEGO — dj Orthopedics Inc., a global medical device company specializing in rehabilitation and regeneration products for the non-operative orthopedic and spine markets, announced its sponsorship of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center (OSTRC) in developing an Injury Surveillance System for the FIS. The FIS skiing disciplines include alpine, cross country, jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle and snowboarding.

The purpose of the FIS-coordinated project is to better understand the mechanisms of various skiing-related injuries among elite skiers so that injury prevention programs can be developed. Data collection for the project begins with the 2006 skiing season. Data collection and analysis for the project will be conducted by the OSTRC, a world-renowned trauma research center focused on identifying risk factors and injury mechanisms, followed by the design of injury prevention programs based on their research. OSTRC has been most active in developing injury prevention programs for soccer and alpine skiing.

"We are proud to support the FIS and OSTRC in this important research project to develop injury prevention programs and products for skiing and potentially other sports as well," said Les Cross, president and CEO of dj Orthopedics. "Through products like our flagship DonJoy® Custom Defiance® knee brace, the company has a rich history of bracing some of the world's most elite professional and amateur athletes across a wide spectrum of traditional and extreme sports to help protect athletes from knee injuries. Our support also takes the form of important research funding through internal and external science to develop programs and treatments that keep athletes in the game."

The International Ski Federation was founded in 1924 during the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix, France. Its objective is to promote the sport of skiing and to supervise and direct the development of all skiing activities. For more information, visit

This article originally appeared in the February 2006 issue of HME Business.

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