Compression Products Worth Considering

New product offerings that can help a pharmacy round out its compression range.

A good compression business can’t serve clients without having a solid product mix. That starts with understanding the conditions that require compression.

Compression can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including foot swelling, mild edema, varicose veins, thrombosis, varicosities of varying severities, and diabetes. This is where pharmacies can help, by offering a range of compression solutions and ensuring staff can knowledgeably assist a wide range of patients.

The revenue from compression products is usually derived from retail sales and free from Medicare-related complications. There are only a few Medicare scenarios in which Medicare reimburses compression, so for the most part compression transactions are done a retail basis. And given the large number of diabetic patients, seniors and other major patient populations that need compression, the number of transactions can get very large. Pharmacies that focus in compression can often derive as much as a quarter of their DME-related revenues from compression garments alone.

That means that DME pharmacies can concentrate on all the sales and marketing appeals that can drive increased sales. And sales and marketing is an important consideration because, at the end of the day compression garments are clothing, and that means that fashion can play a role. Compression or no, people want to feel what they’re wearing makes them look good. That opens a wealth of marketing opportunities for pharmacies. Let’s look at some of the latest offerings on the market:

Compression WrapVersatile and effective wound care solution

Designed to provide compression in the treatment of wounds, the Short Stretch Compression Wrap features pull tabs for hassle-free application. Special notches to resist gapping and bulk, and Each strap has a removable hook fastener to make it safer for machine washing and drying.

(800) 222-4999

microfiber shadesLeggings with graduated compression

SIGVARIS launched soft silhouette leggings, a first of its kind legging with graduated compression, in June 2017. This highly anticipated product helps revitalize legs and energize women on-the-go, making it a must-have compression product for women everywhere. The leggings feature 15–20mmHg of compression at the ankle with the level of compression decreasing up the leg to improve circulation, revitalize legs, and help prevent varicose and spider veins.

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DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve with K-Zone TechnologyFoot sleeve designed to relieve pain, swelling

The DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve with K-Zone Technology simulates therapeutic taping to relieve the painful symptoms of moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, foot swelling, and other arch and heel conditions. Proper circulation, in conjunction with muscle, ligament, and tissue support is an important key for maintaining, recovery and strengthening after a day’s work or a workout.

ING Source Inc.
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FS4 Orthotic SockOrthotic sock designed to prevent Plantar Fasciitis

The FS4 Orthotic Sock is a new breed that deviates from the traditional style of sock-making with function leading form and incorporates the award winning and patented FS6 technology. Featuring patented Compression Zone Technology, there is support and functional lift of the foot arch tissue with medical grade compression for control and prevention of PF. The result is a bracing sock that provides orthopedic support, not just blister protection.

ING Source Inc.
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Device helps kids, parents maintain compliance

Donning and doffing compression stockings can pose a tricky problem with which both parents and children must contend on a daily basis. That difficulty often has a direct effect on therapy compliance. The Magnide Kids aims to alleviate the problems experienced when donning closed toe compression stockings for children. Made from very smooth material that has been treated with a special coating ,the Magnide Kids significantly reduces friction to minimize the physical strain putting on compression stockings for both parents and kids alike.

Arion North America Inc.
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This article originally appeared in the DME Pharmacy November 2017 issue of HME Business.

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