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Medtrade 2017 Shop Til You Drop

This year's edition of Medtrade offers a wide selection of DME items and business services providers are sure to want to load up on.

Medtrade 2017, slated for Oct. 23-25 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, promises to offer an expo floor that will leave attendees breathless from going booth to booth. From home medical equipment designed to fit the challenges of today’s business and funding landscape, to professional services that can help providers operate more efficiently and proficiently, this year’s installment of the annual trade event is not to be missed. Here’s a small sampling of what the expo will showcase this year.

HME/DME software for complete management

CareTrendHME leaders rely on Mediware CareTrend every day to manage multi-site operations, complex workflows, and growing patient populations. The software can help to receive faster reimbursements with few denials, delays and hassles and also allows you to stay connected in real time with CareTrend Anywhere. The software also streamlines order entry for error free entry in less time while keeping tabs on every piece of inventory remotely.

Mediware Information Systems Inc.
(888) 633-4927
Booth no. 1923

Intermittent catheter at an affordable price

16 inch Cure Ultra Intermittent CatheterCure Medical is offering the new 16-inch Cure Ultra Intermittent Catheter for men who are seeking an easy-to-use, pre-lubricated catheter at an affordable price. The sterile, single use Cure Ultra intermittent catheter for men offers an easy tear top, fire-polished eyelets, pre-lubricated straight tip with Cover-All technology, and unique “No Roll” connector/funnel end. The product is not made with DEHP, BPA or natural rubber latex.

Cure Medical
(800) 570-1778
Booth no. 950

Portable oxygen concentrator built for every day

Invacare is proud to announce the launch of the new portable oxygen concentrator (POC), the Invacare Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator. The mobile concentrator was designed to weather everyday life. With special features built into the device to make it water resistant, rugged, and simple to use, this POC addresses the real-life demands of consumers.

Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900
Booth no. 1621

Alternating Pressure Mattress System with Low Air Loss

Tradewind ATS-RC alternating pressureThe Tradewind ATS-RC alternating pressure, low air loss mattress system with wired hand held remote, allows the patient to control their comfort and indepen-dence. The support surface aims to maximize perfor-mance and value for the prevention and treatment of Stage I-IV pressure ulcers. User friendly controls and ease of setup make Tradewind well suited for acute, long term care, hospice and the home bound patient. The Tradewind series mattress utilizes 17 independent, 8 in. deep low air loss cells to provide pressure redis-tribution, and multi-directional stretch cover is loose fitting and will conform to the patient. The mattress was designed to fit all standard hospital beds, coming in in 36 in. and supporting 350 lbs., as well as bariatric sizes 42 in. and 48 in. to support weights up to 750 lbs. The Tradewind meets California Technical Bulletin no. 117 for fire retardancy.

Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.
(800) 795-6115
Booth no. 1325

New levels of comfort and performance in a power chair

4FrontThe 4Front by Quantum Rehab sets new levels of comfort and performance in front-wheel-drive power chair technology. Featuring automotive-grade suspension, the 4Front delivers among the smoothest rides, dampening bumps and jarring on rough terrain for increased user comfort. Advanced drive tracking provides predictable handling indoors and out. Group-34 batteries allow up to a 16-mile range, and safe seat elevation provides up to 12” of lift while driving at 3.2 mph.

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002
Booth no. 1112

ProductsHigh-performance scooter with 31-mile range

Raptor ScooterThe new Raptor Scooter by Pride Mobility offers exceptional community-use performance, with up to 14 miles per hour, full suspension and a 31-mile range. The automotive styling, with full lighting and signals, LED dash gauges and spacious trunk give this scooter an added level of convenience while it’s high-performance 16-inch wheels with 400 pound weight capacity and adjustable seat make it easy to use and comfortable.

Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586
Booth no. 907

Orthotic sock with FS6 technology to prevent Plantar Fasciitis

FS4 Orthotic SockThe FS4 Orthotic Sock is a new breed that deviates from the traditional style of sock-making with function leading form and incorporates the award winning and patented FS6 technology. Featuring patented Compression Zone Technology, there is support and functional lift of the foot arch tissue with medical grade compression for control and prevention of PF. The result is a bracing sock that provides orthopedic support, not just blister protection.

ING Source Inc.
(877) 647-0386
Booth no. 1751


Online application creates comprehensive HIPAA dashboard

HIPAA wiseThe van Halem Group, a division of VGM Group Inc. (vHG), has finalized an agreement with HIPAAwise to exclusively offer its online HIPAA Compliance Program application to health care providers in the post-acute care market. The online application creates a comprehensive dashboard for providers to manage their HIPAA compliance program. This includes policies and procedures, security and risk assessment, business associate management, an employee awareness program, location and inventory tracking, and breach management.

The van Halem Group Inc., a division of VGM Group Inc.
(404) 343-1815
Booth no. 1627

Smallest CPAP machine a game-changer for sleep apnea

AirMiniAchieving new heights in patient-centered innovation, AirMini packs ResMed’s clinically proven CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) technology along with its comfort and ease-of-use features into a sleek, portable, pocket-sized device ideal for traveling. The AirMini is available with ResMed’s proprietary AutoSet™ functionality as well as an innovative, built-in humidification system for patient comfort.

(800) 424-0737
Booth no. 1011

Compelling educational marketing tools

Off The Shelf Marketing ProgramVGM’s Off The Shelf (OTS) Marketing Program offers Members professionally designed and written, educational print marketing with quick turn times and significant savings on design and printing. Our guides and brochures help Members present themselves to consumers, referral sources, and their community as compassionate businesses that truly care about their customers.

VGM Group Inc.
(888) 875-7707
Booth no. 1627

Electronic signature and data capture tool for healthcare

SignCenterSignCenter was developed to address a gaping need in the modern healthcare company: obtaining signatures from a wide variety of individuals across a wide variety of settings without resorting to printing documents in an otherwise paperless office. With the ability to stand alone, integrate with your most used business applications, or be bundled with Medforce’s suite of productivity solutions.

Medforce Technologies Inc.
(845) 426-0459
Booth no. 1545

Management system for the best workflow

BonafideBonafide Management Systems has the best business workflow management available to the DME industry, and is the only DME software that is fully and seamlessly integrated into all of your management decisions. Bonafide’s total DME solution will help you maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability in your business. Our single platform solution delivers every software advantage available to maximize your margins as reimbursement rates continue to shrink.

Bonafide Management Systems Inc.
(805) 777-7666
Booth no. 1227

Create medical oxygen from the air around you

OxyGoThe 5-setting OxyGo is a lightweight medical device that can make the medical oxygen your doctor prescribed from the air around you. With OxyGo, you never need to worry about running out of oxygen and you don’t need to carry heavy tanks. OxyGo is different from other POCs because it shows you exactly how much time you have left on the battery, and you can change the battery easily.

(877) 263-1167
Booth no. 845

Application that streamlines workflow

Care OrchestratorPhilips has introduced Care Orchestrator, a first-of-itskind connected health application that connects clinical management workflow, informatics and intelligence for providers, payers and patients within a single cloudbased platform, making it fast and easy to access critical patient data and make informed clinical decisions. Powered by Philips Healthsuite, Care Orchestrator smoothly integrates with EMRs and billing systems.

(800) 345-6443
Booth no. 1711

Ventilation devices designed to deliver optimal ventilation

DreamStation BiPAP autoSV and AVAPSPhilips designed the DreamStation BiPAP autoSV and AVAPS devices. Built on sophisticated, clinically-proven algorithms, BiPAP autoSV designed to deliver optimal ventilation with minimal mechanical intervention so patients experience comfortable, restful sleep, while BiPAP AVAPS is designed to deliver effective and comfortable ventilation therapy so patients can experience an improved quality of life.

(800) 345-6443
Booth no. 1711

Internet-based or installed management software solution

QS/1’s SystemOne for HME is designed specifically to give you an advantage in the highly-competitive HME marketplace. Available as either an Internet-based or installed solution, QS/1’s industry-leading record of adding features and functionality has made it a favorite in the industry. The modular designed enables you to select only the functionality you need, then add to it as your business demand needs.

(866) 925-8356
Booth no. 653

Fully mobile HFCWO airway clearance device

AffloVestThe AffloVest pioneered mechanical oscillation airway clearance therapy for patients with severe respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and other neuromuscular diseases. The AffloVest is battery operated and uses Direct Dynamic Oscillation technology that closely mimics hand CPT to help mobilize and clear secretions, allowing for full freedom of mobility during treatment.

International Biophysics Corporation
(888) 711-1145
Booth no. 931

Toolkit to better manage their online reputation

Local Market Advantage PackageARI Network Services Inc. announced the launch of the Local Market Advantage Package featuring the new Review Generation Toolkit. ARI’s Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard allows providers to view realtime metrics for their website, social media and email accounts, giving them the information needed to better monitor their digital marketing return on investment.

ARI Network Services Inc.
(877) 805-0803
Booth no. 2011

Balance assist bar now available in chrome

MHI Safe-er-Grip Chrome finishThe original MHI Safe-er-Grip 11.5” suction cup balance assist bar is now available in chrome. The suction cup design allows the bar to be placed on any smooth, flat, non-porous surface. It is easy to attach, remove and relocate. The new chrome color makes the bar the perfect addition to any bathroom area.

MHI Safe-er-Grip Inc.
(800) 371-3509
Booth no. 1255

Give your business a professional online presence

PowerWebIn an increasingly competitive healthcare industry, being able to separate yourself from competitors is essential. With VGM Forbin’s PowerWeb 4.5 website platform, you’ll give your business a professional online presence that gives your customers valuable information, including what products you carry, the services you offer and locations they can visit.

VGM Forbin
(877) 659-5241
Booth no. 1627

Leggings with graduated compression

Soft Silhouette LeggingsSIGVARIS launched soft silhouette leggings, a first of its kind legging with graduated compression, in June 2017. This highly anticipated product helps revitalize legs and energize women on-the-go, making it a musthave compression product for women everywhere. The leggings feature 15–20mmHg of compression at the ankle with the level of compression decreasing up the leg to improve circulation, revitalize legs, and help prevent varicose and spider veins.

(800) 322-7744
Booth no. 1710

CPAP mask liners allow for more comfortable sleep

CPAP Mask LinerWhat if there was a cost effective way to help your customers achieve success with their CPAP therapy? RemZzzs is the solution you’ve been searching for. When your customers become friends with their masks, they’ll get the restorative sleep they desperately need. RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners greatly reduce noisy air leaks, allows use of bedtime moisturizer, assists in holding mask in place and reduces the necessity for tight headgear.

Naturs Design Inc.
(877) 473-6999
Booth no. 1332

CPAP mask comes in different sizes to allow optimal fit

CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAPThe CM036 Deluxe Nasal Pillow CPAP mask comes with small, medium and large pillows and headgear. The mask is easy to fit, assemble and maintain while three different pillow sizes help to fit contour to the face for a more comfortable rest. The 360-degree rotational elbow with flexible silicone tube helps the patient to maintain convenience of use while also sleeping soundly due to quiet vent design.

Sunset Healthcare Solutions Inc
(877) 578-6738
Booth no. 1845

Oxygen concentrator is investment to patients and businesses

1025 Oxygen ConcentratorBuilt upon the reliable features of the 525 concentrator, the 1025 Oxygen Concentrator is designed to provide optimal oxygen delivery for patients with varying flow requirements. Assembled in the USA and built in the same shell as the five Liter, the 10 Liter Concentrator is also compatible with cylinder transfill systems. Sold separately, the Transfill Caddy is designed with a steel frame to simply connect the 18 by 14-inch shelf, designed to support up to 40 pounds, to the DeVilbiss 10L Concentrator.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
(877) 224-0946
Booth no. 811

Operations-based accreditation process shows payers your benefits

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider AccreditationPayers want to see the benefits to using your services. That’s why The Compliance Team’s Medicare-approved Exemplary Provider accreditation is such a big deal. Our operations-based accreditation process has proven itself with thousands of providers and payer sources since 1998. Easily customized to fit any care delivery model, our operations-based accreditation process helps establish daily business routines that produce measurable patient care benefits. That’s something that gets payers really excited.

The Compliance Team Inc.
(215) 654-9110
Booth no. 1661

Billing management system offers wide range of tools

Healthcare Data Management SystemUniversal Software Solutions Inc. provides a complete, fully integrated practice management solution called Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) in the home healthcare markets of Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order. Our HDMS billing management system encompasses a wide range of tools, from Customer Service, Inventory control, to an A/R manager to assist you with claim submission.

Universal Software Solutions Inc.
(810) 653-5000
Booth no. 1655

Telehealth solution gives medical equipment provider more information

CAIREviewCAIRE Inc.’s new telehealth solution – CAIREview powered by SynsorMed makes its official debut. Available on Android and iOS platforms, CAIREview will allow the medical equipment provider to monitor the patient’s oxygen use via Bluetooth technology to see oxygen flow rates in real time, track the location of their asset, troubleshoot alarm codes and avoid costly after hours visits. The CAIRE Companion 5 stationary oxygen concentrator will be the company’s first device equipped with the app, and will be followed closely by the Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator later this year.

(800) 482-2473
Booth no. 1745

Association to better the home medical equipment industry

AAHomecareAAHomecare is working relentlessly with HME providers and manufacturers everywhere to better the home medical equipment industry in a time of change and uncertainty – and we’re making undeniable progress. Your membership in AAHomecare directly supports legislative, regulatory, and payer relations initiatives that defend and strengthen the HME community. You have access to AAHomecare staff with indispensable knowledge of all aspects of the industry and how each can specifically impact your business.

American Association for Homecare
(202) 372-0107
Booth no. 1811

Foot sleeve designed to relieve pain, swelling

DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve with K-Zone TechnologyThe DS6 Decompression Foot Sleeve with K-Zone Technology simulates therapeutic taping to relieve the painful symptoms of moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, foot swelling, and other arch and heel conditions. Proper circulation, in conjunction with muscle, ligament, and tissue support is an important key for maintaining, recovery and strengthening after a day’s work or a workout.

ING Source Inc.
(877) 647-0386
Booth no. 1751

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of HME Business.

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