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arrow bursting through laptop screenFor more than a decade, software has served as a strategic asset to help providers manage their revenue cycles, maximize their efficiency, increase their capabilities, and supercharge their growth. And the range of technology tools continues to explode as companies develop a broader range of specialized offerings. Moreover, now many software tools are components of specialized business services aimed at HME providers. Let’s take a look at some of the latest:

Brightree Digital Experience

Brightree by ResMedBrightree Digital Experience lets providers communicate with their patients without relying on traditional methods such as faxing, mailing or calling. From welcome texts to appointment reminders and more, the texting orchestrator offers a variety of ways to stay connected with patients via SMS. eForms seamlessly integrate with the texting orchestrator and Brightree to collect digital signatures and completed forms. When more personalized communication needs arise, patients can video chat with their care teams to ask questions about their therapy. Brightree Digital Experience aims to help providers improve patient engagement and optimize care coordination, significantly reducing staff time spent on manual tasks.

Brightree LLC
(833) 916-1554

Marketscape Insights

Trella HealthFor HME suppliers looking to maintain or grow referral sources or product lines, Trella Health’s market intelligence platform, built for HME organizations, helps their development and sales teams strategically focus efforts on the highest value revenue opportunities. In addition to providing visibility into the market, and benchmarking against competition, Trella Health helps teams take the action needed to improve patient and business outcomes.

Trella Health
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ATLAS Enterprise Software

ATLAS Enterprise SoftwareATLAS Enterprise Software offers features to enhance providers’ operations for better efficiency, profitability and patient experience. The most recent feature is the Referral Acquisition Marketing Program (RAMP). This will assist HME/DME and CRT providers in engaging the consumer in a way that leads to additional service opportunities. The ATLAS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help ATPs and sales professionals to track their encounters with the referral sources. Together with the ATLAS Electronic Prescription function the referrals are received quicker, so the consumers get the correct equipment faster.

ATLAS Enterprise Software
(855) 221-4860

Prochant Revenue Acceleration Platform

Prochant Revenue Acceleration PlatformProchant’s technology team brings automation and AI technology together to deliver efficient, responsive revenue cycle at scale. The system offers configurable AR queues and allocations, including contextual tasking, workforce balancing, claims, and holds. Data, analytics and insights are compatible with Brightree, CPR+, CareTend, HDMS, and TIMS. More than 30 operational and business metrics and dashboards are available and proactive alerts and drilldowns to diagnose and solve problems. Robotic Process Automation includes EV and prior authorization, automated cash posting, AR inquiries and resolution actions. The platform offers AI and machine learning, including payment prediction, denial prediction, EOB and ERN extraction, and handwriting recognition.

(888) 349-9015

TIMS Patient Subscriptions

TIMS Software Computers UnlimitedComputers Unlimited’s latest software offering, TIMS Patient Subscriptions, streamlines and automates the entire patient resupply process. The new application is easy to set up, intuitive to use, and designed to drastically reduce labor costs. Key integration points include easy patient autoenrollment; automated compliance checks (eligibility, utilization, documentation, and authorizations); patient contact options (phone, email, text, or IVR); and autogenerated qualified orders.

Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software
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NexusNexus is an outcome-focused respiratory management program designed to help elevate HME respiratory care. The system focuses on combining better patient data, smart reporting, and driving increased referrals to help HME providers move into value-based business models. Using the Nexus software platform, Encore helps HME providers use clinical programs, data, and analytics to grow the equipment business and create ways to leverage outcomes to partner with physicians, hospitals systems and payers. Nexus helps providers manage symptoms; reduce hospitalizations; create long-term engagement between patient, program and providers; and improves patient care and progress.

Encore Healthcare
(877) 853-2931

Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS)

Universal Software SolutionsUniversal Software Solutions provides solutions for healthcare providers in the postacute care space. The HDMS product offers patient, inventory, and revenue management for home medical and specialty equipment, disposable supply, P&O, and infusion/specialty pharmacy providers. The StowPoint product handles all of the provider’s content management needs allowing word, image, audio, and video files to be stored all in one place. Both solutions are designed for tight integration. Universal offers both on-premise and hosted solutions.

Universal Software Solutions
(810) 653-5000


ACU-Serve with ACU-InsightHME revenue cycle management provider ACU-Serve’s ACU-Insight is a business analytics tool that allows providers to manage the revenue cycle with a holistic view. ACU-Serve developed the toolset to accommodate a client base with varied software platforms across numerous states and payers. ACU-Insight collects the data from multiple facets of providers’ organizations and delivers it in an actionable manner. By intelligently queuing up only the claims that need work and eliminating unnecessary touches, ACU-Serve can reduce the number of claims being touched and, in turn, lower the cost to its clients.

(800) 887-8965


CareTendCareTend, powered by WellSky, is an all-in-one solution purpose-built for HME providers. CareTend automates all business operations from intake to delivery, including visibility into workflows and reporting. This HME software allows providers to access a 360-degree view of their business with custom dashboards built on real-time data to track their performance and KPIs using live data reports. CareTend simplifies inventory management with barcode tracking, providing accurate inventory counts across multiple locations. Real-time updates deliver the latest inventory metrics, ensuring a provider never runs out of supplies.

(855) Well-Sky

Mobius DME

Mobius DMEMobius DME’s platform guides patients through the HME/DME process in the same way they want to shop for everything else: a fully managed platform combines headless commerce with patient resupply that engages patients through data-driven, effective and easy-to-use tools and techniques. The Platform-as-a-Service empowers DME dealers with a resupply and frictionless commerce platform that is fully managed, increases patient engagement, integrates with your daily workflow, and increases retail sales that lead to higher profits.

Mobius DME
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