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Incontinence and Urological Supplies

Providing incontinence and urological supplies fills a critical need in many patients' lives. What are some of the latest offerings?

Providing Incontinence and Urological Supplies is one of those services an HME business can offer to make a real difference in patients’ lives. Between those two related categories, these solutions help patients manage a wide variety of conditions by which they often feel embarrassed or stigmatized. This is where the care side of the business pays massive dividends for both patient and provider.

Just looking at urinary incontinence alone, the numbers are considerable: there are roughly 33 million men and women in the United States suffering from overactive bladders, according to the Urology Care Foundation. This means HME providers have an excellent opportunity to help patients with this problem while growing their revenue base.

The big challenge lies in service and getting the word out. A big problem with incontinence is many sufferers know little about their ailment and go through many products trying to find a way to solve their problem. The National Association for Continence said that the average wait time between symptoms and getting a diagnosis for incontinence is over six years.

A key way to help with that is to offer a website where patients can purchase online with home delivery. In the store, providers should maintain a private area that takes the consultation off the floor, and staff should be trained in providing service that focuses on discretion and compassion.

And, of course, also pivotal in running a successful incontinence and urological supply business is understanding the myriad products available and how they relate to your customers. Here is a sampling of items currently on the market:

Absorbent underwear helps deliver an uninterrupted night’s sleep

Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

  • Designed to provide extended wear time and to hold up to 1 quart of fluid overnight.
  • The peach core keeps skin dry, reduces odor and neutralized urine pH.
  • The pull-on style with easy tear-away side panels provides easy and clean removal.

Principle Business Enterprises Inc.
(800) 467-3224

A discrete approach to male urinary incontinence

X-top for MenX-top for Men

  • An absorbent sheath covers the male anatomy with a hook-and-loop fastener that seals against leakage.
  • Any liquid is locked inside the thin, absorbent gel core, and the adjustable fit ensures no shifting or slipping.
  • The single-use product can be disposed of in any household trash.

McAirlaid’s Inc.
(540) 352 5050

Cure Medical offers pocket-sized male catheter kit

Hydrophilic Cure KitHydrophilic Cure Kit

  • A lightweight, ready-to-use male catheter, designed for discretion and one-time-use.
  • Includes a 16 in. hydrophilic intermittent catheter, ambidextrous gloves, BZK wipe, underpad and collection bag with universal connector.
  • The Kit is sold in 90 units and comes in French sizes 12-16.

Cure Medical LLC
(800) 570-1778

Healthcare pads offer new absorbency levels

TENA Overnight Pad

  • Made to have high absorbency for moderate to heavy leakage protection.
  • Pads include a soft, cloth-like top layer for extra comfort, pH balanced to fight odors, as well as TENA’s Dry-Fast Core to wick away and trap in liquid.
  • A quick-dry top sheet helps pull in liquid for dryness, while the fit conforms to the shape of the body for comfort and protection.

(866) 722-6659

Skin care line aims to help reduce risk of infection

Seni CareSeni Care

  • Keeps sensitive areas of skin clean and dry to help reduce risk of infection.
  • Seni Care Washcloths and Cleansing Body Cream prevent skin breakdown from wetness and bacteria.
  • Seni Care Moisturizing Body Lotion hydrates and smooths affected skin, and Seni Briefs reduce wetness.

(407) 377-4942

Cure Medical expands size availability for catheter for women

Cure TwistCure Twist

  • Ready-to-use catheter for women now available in French sizes 8-16.
  • Designed to look like a cosmetic product and features a twist-open top and polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated straight tip for no-drip cathing.
  • Also available with an Insertion Kit, which includes a BZK wipe, ambidextrous gloves, underpad and collection bag with a universal connector.

Cure Medical LLC
(800) 570-1778

This article originally appeared in the October 2018 issue of HME Business.

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