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This year's edition of our annual software survey looks at recent IT updates to help providers keep pace with industry trends.

HME SoftwareAs the old saying goes, “if there’s one thing that is constant, it’s change,” and no other phrase more aptly describes the home medical equipment industry. Whether its competitive bidding, audits, or any number of reimbursement and marketplace shake-ups, change is a constant fact of life for HME providers.

And if there’s one tool that has helped providers keep pace with that change, it is information technology. There is a multiplicity of systems to help provider manage the entirety of their businesses or just one facet of their operations.

Moreover, those systems are constantly being updated to ensure they provide the right features for helping providers deal with the here and now, as well as the future. And that’s what this year’s installment of the annual HMEB software survey is focused on.

Starting last year, the survey has been broadened to focus not only on the major home medical equipment software systems, but also the various software and systems that help providers deal with very specific tasks, such as audit software, billing software, accounts receivable, web and e-commerce tools, and patient management, to name a few.

The goal with this year’s survey is to see how those systems have been updated since last year’s survey (see the November 2014 edition, which is available as a back issue at, and how they can help providers contend with current trends. Bearing that in mind, let’s see how the gears of HME information technology have been turning to keep providers humming along:

HME Management Systems

Bonafide Management Systems

Bonafide Management Systems
(805) 908-2333

Year founded: 1981
Number of installed systems: Over 3,000 facility locations use Bonafide software
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system,
Technology used: Java and MS SQL 2012
Latest enhancements: Updated software features include inventory management, real-time tracking, just-in-time ordering, point-of-sale, real-time eligibility and remaining deductible features. It is fully updated with current ICD-10 and EMV standards, HCPCS codes, payors, shipping companies, vendors and manufacturers.


(844) GET-BRTE (438 2783)

Year founded: 2002
Number of installed systems: 2,500
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Microsoft .Net and SQL Server
Latest enhancements: Brightree introduced several new features: CareToCash, an efficiency accelerator that enables providers to consolidate collection efforts, configure and “push” work to billers, prioritize claims to be worked, and automate workflows. MyForms, a complete front-end automation solution to eliminate paper forms, improve audit outcomes, and create process integrity across your organization. Therapy Compliance, enhanced integrations with both ResMed and Phillips Respironics to improve patient compliance and further enhance a providers CPAP resupply business. Mobile Delivery Management, a phone/tablet based mobile delivery solution. Patient Collections, in which patient payments made via StrategicAR’s enhanced services can be autoapplied into Brightree with customizable payment reasons configurable by branch.


Mediware Information Systems, Inc.
(888) 633-4927

Number of installed systems: 1400
Type of system: A hosted system, but uses special client software. On-premise installation is available.
Technology used: .Net and Microsoft SQL database architecture
Latest enhancements: Mediware incorporated workflow management tools to support operations, and has expanded documentation related requirements, to further automate options such as WOPD and face-to-face.

HDMS (Healthcare Data Management System)

Universal Software Solutions, Inc.
(810) 653-5000, option 2

Year founded: 2000
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; a hosted, web-based/SAAS system; or a hosted system that uses special client software
Technology used: with a SQL server database Java script Html 5
Latest enhancements: Universal added PCI 3.0 compliance and support with shred key devices, signature pads that are “out of network” encryption. For retail, the system is EMV ready with P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption). Enhanced functionality with HDMS Mobile Driver for individual vehicle inventory management allows for HIPAA secure real-time routing, delivery, and confirmation. Pharmacy and Infusion companions include functionality designed for high volume workflows. Enhanced hospice billing functions for per diems, along with daily and weekly rentals.


(800) 231-7776

Year founded: 1977
Number of installed systems: 750
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, a hosted system that uses special client software, or QS/1 offers a hybrid, in which providers purchase the software, pay for monthly software maintenace and support, and then a fixed dollar amount for QS/1 to host the provider’s data
Technology used: Programmed in C++ using a proprietary data base
Latest enhancements: QS/1 added an integrated retail (NRx) and LTC (PrimeCare) pharmacy software program. Shared data includes doctors and patient demographics. HME items can be entered into NRx/PrimeCare with Medicare documentation printed out in the pharmacy and the items automatically transferred to SystemOne for billing. SystemOne and NRx/PrimeCare are integrated with QS/1’s Point-Of-Sale software to capture signatures automatically, take patient payments including FSA/HSA credit card and even change the DOS to the date the item is picked up by the patient. QS/1 also offers an IVR integrated to SystemOne that allows patients to request resupplies, do resupply reminders rental verification and new patient satisfaction surveys call outs.


(888) 832-6363

Year founded: 1988
Number of installed systems: 350 active installs
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site; a hosted, web-based/SAAS system; or a hosted system that uses special client software
Technology used: Delphi, SQL database
Latest enhancements: TeamDME’s latest release includes free delivery app which eliminates the hassles associated with keeping up with all the paperwork associated with delivers. The delivery app stores all necessary customer, delivery, and location data so your drivers can work offline when cell service is poor or non-existent. This ensures drivers always have access to the information they need in order to do their jobs quickly and effectively. Easily capture customer signatures for proof of delivery, serial numbers for inventory control, product lot numbers for compliance and much much more.

TIMS Software

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

Year founded: 1978
Number of installed systems:
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, or a hosted system that uses special client software
Technology used: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 C# (C sharp) using WPF, WCF with .NET 4.5
Latest enhancements: TIMS Software’s latest release aims to simply everyday provider tasks. The Patient Intake application allows you to turn your referrals into qualified and properly documented orders. The system’s New Inbound Document Routing application streamlines the intake process allowing you to organize and route electronic documents. Also new, providers can use the TIMS Workflow to trigger events or actions to create tasks, send emails, or execute a message queue with user-defined workflows. Plus, Document Management monitors all of providers’ documentation and authorization requirements of payors, physicians and patients. HMEs can utilize dynamic A/R Worklists to prioritize and work their A/R, denials, audits and appeals with flexibility. With the new Billing Rules engine, providers can simplify complex payor billing requirements and create rules per payor sets and import/export fee schedules. With TIMS Mobile, choose a smarter way to deliver with bottom line results.

Accounts Receivable


A R Allegiance Group LLC
(913) 338-4790 x202

Year founded: 1999
Number of installed systems: 350
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or above – SSIS packages, SQL, and standard DB objects: Tables, Views, Procedures, Functions; ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#; VB and VB
Latest enhancements: COLLECTPlus – ARA will launch a redesign in December 2015. COLLECTPlus will be better positioned to become the leading SaaS Billing, Collection, & Patient Communication Model needed in the medical community. By bundling more services, ARA will focus primarily on prevention of patient AR by making sure medical providers have obtained the appropriate credit information from their clients. CollectPayLIVE, ARA’s online payment portal, is now more fully integrated with COLLECTPlus and creates an unmatched communication system for medical providers to communicate with their customers. ARA is also new offering TouchCLAIM – Slow payments by third-party (commercial) payors require costly staff for follow up. Extensive field testing demonstrated an alternative method of requesting payment is needed.


Reimbursement PRO

(866) 885-2974

Year Founded: 2000
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Java, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server
Latest enhancements: Designed to simplify the reimbursement and reconciliation process with reimbursement and utilization reports, analysis and workflow tools. Reimbursement PRO provides an executive dashboard overview, custom reporting, denial management and appeal forms, and can work in conjunction with any practice management or billing system. Security standards are monitored and updated on a regular basis. Appeal forms are added and updated based on customer needs.

(800) 986-9368

Year founded: 2011
Number of installed systems: 3 Modules - PMD, General DME & Respiratory
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Web based
Latest enhancements: DMEevalumate has expanded from modules for Power Mobility and Respiratory to include General DME. This documentation collection tool includes Manual Wheelchairs, Hospital Beds, Support Surfaces, Commodes, Walkers and Canes. DMEevalumate is fully ICD-10 compliant.

Business Analytics


(866) 885-2974

Year founded: 2000
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: .NET/C#, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, HP Vertica
Latest enhancements: TITAN is a comparative analytics solution that enables providers access to information they need to better manage their business. Latest enhancements include customizable role specific dashboards; an unlimited amount of historical data; and additional peer comparisons. The system now also provides increased data grouping for simplified data consumption, and the ability to share reports with other users. Users can create and save reports specific to their role. The system now offers additional data analytics based on claim level information, and utilization views highlight custom procedure selection outliers compared to the market. Customizable KPI monitoring for all analytics is also available.

VGM Market Data

VGM & Associates
(800) 642-6065

Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site,
Technology used: Windows / Mac
Latest enhancements: VGM Market Data is continually updated with the most current claims information from a variety of data sources. Use this information to target your referral sources and determine if you are getting the most market share possible from your market area.

Document Imaging/Management


4tellSoftware Inc.
(888) 261-7113

Year founded: 2014
Number of installed systems: New System
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and MySql
Latest enhancements: 4tellDocs is a new product that automates and simplifies the documentation process for DMEPOS dispensing, claims, and audits so that providers spend much less time preparing documents. 4tellDocs has an intelligent, optimized work flow that consolidates multiple data sources and complex business rules so that users quickly and efficiently gather critical information and create their documentation. 4tellDocs handles a wide range of events such as Dispensing, Rentals, Refills, Replacements and Interrupted Use, and includes over 40 different documents. The documentation, which is automatically matched to events and products, includes Detailed Written Orders, CMN’s, Refill Requests, and product-specific Medical Necessity Forms. 4tellDocs is available on an annual subscription basis.

CommandCenter (formerly WorkFLOW), ContentCenter (formerly MedFORCE Scan), RemitCenter (formerly D&R Manager), FormsCenter, ZipMit

Medforce Technologies
(866) 237-1190

Year founded: 2002
Number of installed systems:
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, or a hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: Client side: Windows desktop app and Web app for any device. Server side: Microsoft SQL Server or Firebird
Latest enhancements: Medforce updated its brand including renaming its core products, but it continues to focus on adding features that improve provider experience and streamline navigation. The company deepened existing integrations with third party software applications and added new partnerships, as well. Medforce continues to build out its Web App, which allows both installed and hosted clients to access their Medforce systems through any internet-enabled device. In 2015, the company launched Medforce Apps, a product suite of single, turnkey workflows. These are available to any provider whether they are a current BPM client or not, and provide focused solutions to operational challenges such as fax management, overpayments, or appeals management by improving consistency, visibility and accountability.

WebScan PRO

(866) 885-2974

Year founded: 2000
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Programming languages and database environments used by system: Java, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server
Latest enchancements: WebScan PRO is a HIPAA-secure document management solution that is designed to reduce document retrieval time through the use of the latest in optical character recognition (OCR)-based technology with enhanced image pre-processing and improved recognition accuracy to identify, index and file all documents for immediate online use. In terms of recent updates, system quality is monitored and tweaked as necessary to meet providers’ needs.

E-Commerce/Digital Marketing

HME Provider Websites

(866) 847-1795

Year founded: 1981
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: .Net and MS SQL
Latest enhancements: The following enhancements/additions have been made to HME Provider Websites: ARI Mobile to put complete control of a provider’s inventory in the palm of their hand, allowing inventory to be uploaded to their website, optimize inventory listings and syndicate to thirdparty sales channels – from anywhere, at any time; enhancements to mobile sites to allow the display of merchandising slides; improved multi-location support allows geo-location and store selection; fraud alerts; upgrade to PayPal to allow consumers to enter a credit payment without a PayPal account; ability to import custom eCommerce catalogs with associated images; ability to export custom eCommerce catalogs for use in other systems; integration to Traffic Log Pro CMS and more.

Web design, Web Marketing, Business systems, Apps

(877) 329-5415

Year founded: 1999
Number of installed systems: more than 1,800 URLs
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system, or a hosted system that uses special client software
Technology used: .Net and PHP are the primaries but Forbin uses all of the most popular languages.
Latest enhancements: Forbin has upgraded its product in two key areas, recently: security and mobile responsiveness.

Inventory Management& Asset Tracking

Point of Rental Essentials and Point of Rental Expert

Point of Rental Software
(800) 944-7368

Year founded: 1983
Number of installed systems: 2000
Type of system: A stand-alone system installed on-site, or a hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used:, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL
Latest enhancements: Point Of Rental Expert’s new Contract Fulfillment replaces load slips and prep reports with a mobile tablet to fill contracts accurately and efficiently. Employees can view electronic contracts and mark units as prepped. When contract modifications are made, changes are indicated and warehouse staff is instantly alerted. Remote locations know what to pull to ship directly to customers or transfer to another location. Warehouse staff can document shortages or damages electronically and create real-time notes for counter staff. Docusign integration is another key update. Point Of Rental Essentials, the company’s cloud-based software, offers a new delivery app which indicates delivery status. Electronic signature capture and automatic continuation billing are also new to this product.

Patient Management/ Compliance


(800) 424-0737

Year founded: 1989
Number of installed systems:
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: A mix of programming languages and distributed architecture
Latest enhancements: AirView is a cloud-based system for managing patients with sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory insufficiency. With AirView, physicians, clinicians and care providers can collaborate seamlessly by storing patient’s diagnostic, prescription and therapy information in a single, secure location. AirView 3.6, released on Oct. 18, introduced Body Position to the ApneaLink Air as well as an enhancement to the Wireless Patients page icons. Body position is a new feature for diagnosing OSA; the automated position indicators can differentiate between supine and side lying during sleep to improve the accuracy of sleep testing. For AirView wireless CPAP patients, the icons now include a colored indicator for AHI on a given night.


Philips Respironics
(800) 345-6443

Number of installed systems: More than 7,000 (physicians and DMEs)
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: EncoreAnywhere was developed in C# Net and uses Microsoft SQLServer for the database.
Latest enhancements: Philips expanded its EncoreAnywhere capabilities in 2015 by incorporating the ability to integrate with DME billing systems, customer proprietary systems and HL7 EMR databases. This integration provides a flow of bi-directional information to increase efficiencies for DMEs while ensuring that there are fewer data entry errors between systems. Philips also added Adherence Profiler to EncoreAnywhere. A predictive trending algorithm for PAP therapy adherence, Adherence Profiler enables DMEs to manage patients by exception and streamline their processes. Managing patients by exception, meaning focusing on patients who need the most attention and are most likely to respond to additional personal contact, is one way for DMEs to develop more efficient processes and lessen their workload.


3B Medical
(863) 226-6285

Number of installed systems: 1000
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: iCodeConnect is a cloud based patient management/compliance management system that is totally free to customers of 3B Medical
Latest enhancements: The latest development for iCodeConnect was an integration with Somnoware, which was scheduled for completion at press time.


(800) 424-0737

Year founded: 1989
Number of installed systems:
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: A mix of programming languages and distributed architecture
Latest enhancements: myAir is a web program that enables patients
using ResMed’s AirSense 10 or AirCurve 10 devices to wirelessly track their own nightly sleep data and to receive interactive coaching. A recent retrospective study of myAir usage data demonstrated a connection between CPAP device usage, digital health applications and high compliance. According to the study, researchers found 83.9 percent of new CPAP users who received standard care and used the ResMed myAir application achieved Medicare adherence in the first 90 days of their treatment, and 75.4 percent achieved adherence in 30 days. myAir 3.4, released Oct. 13, added French and Spanish language support to the patient engagement platform, making it easier for patients to track their CPAP therapy and get personalized coaching.


(877) 242-1703

Year founded: 1989
Type of system: A hosted, web-based/SAAS system
Technology used: A mix of programming languages and distributed architecture
Latest enhancements: U-Sleep is a compliance solution that monitors ResMed device usage, helps coach patients in their therapy and delivers patient “management by exception” capability that can help reduce costs through improved operational efficiency. As of November, users have the ability to choose from a list of multiple compliance rule options for their CPAP patients. Now not only can U-Sleep customers use the powerful workflow benefits of Action View to run their businesses, they can also personalize compliance tracking for individual patients to meet specific payor needs.

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of HME Business.


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