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Named one of the top-10 key trends in 2014 by HME Business magazine, information technology offers the automation, documentation, interoperability and conveniences necessary for an HME provider to be fast, accurate and lean. Specific to your IT backbone, which is the hardware that makes technology available to your employees and customers, is the software that runs, measures and reports on your everyday operations. Fortunately, HME IT software has advanced exponentially over the last seven years and has rocketed from being a convenience to helping you stay profitable.

“Utilizing robust HME management software can enable improved compliance, better managed costs and increased revenue,” said Jon Bell, Market Analyst, QS/1. “HME software provides the ability to extract crucial business management information through reports and custom data exports. Inventory control, equipment maintenance schedules, patient eligibility and coverage options, electronic claims filing and maintaining proper CMS documentation are all functions of HME management software. A comprehensive HME software should efficiently handle everything from order entry and transaction processing to compliance calls and resupply reminders. Other technology tools include document management, interactive voice response, signature capture devices and wireless point-of-sale tablets.”

For some providers, the thought of letting technology take over certain segments of their business is frightening and overwhelming, but as cuts, caps, audits and competitive bidding continue to threaten the survivability of your business, it’s never been more important to make sure every HME workflow is efficient. And there is no better tool for helping you manage that goal than HME software.

Whether you are looking to change or upgrade your present software program, here are some of the latest software solutions and their features available today:

Comprehensive HME management tool SystemOne

QS/1’s SystemOne HME management software

provides a comprehensive solution for greater accountability and efficiency in billing, documentation, reporting, compliance and inventory management. Available as a webbased or installed solution, SystemOne helps to speed claims and simplify tasks, such as order entry and Medicare documentation, and lets you control accounts receivable, sales and rental inventory. Add-on modules include IIAS/SIGIS-certified HME Point-of-Sale and integrated HME IVR. SystemOne integrates with QS/1’s pharmacy management systems.

(866) 925-8356

Billing and claims management with a focus on business mangement

Noble Direct

Noble House’s Noble Direct software was designed with functional, operational and analytical capabilities. The software is a fully functional billing and claims management windows-based software solution that helps DME/HME companies manage their business. Functionality includes detailed reports for performance analysis and creating strategies for future growth and expansion. Noble Direct was also designed with approved HIPAA Electronic Claims, ERN Posting, Custom Physician Orders, CMNs, Repeat Billing, Document Image Scanning, Real-Time Patient Eligibility, Patient Scheduling and more to ease regulation pressure and increase office productivity.

Noble House
(954) 418-0828

Flexible, end-to-end provider management solution

Mediware CareTend

CareTend is patient/clinical management software that offers inventory tracking by location, maintenance history for equipment, billing automation to meet payor requirements and accounts receivable management. CareTend handles Medicare, commercial, private pay, and other payment sources and automates CMN/physician orders with autogenerated recertification. CareTend lets you collaborate with other CareTend users to share information about using the software and it controls when and who can log in and access information. CareTend lets providers customize workspaces and data-mining operations. (Read more about CareTend on page 37.)

(888) 633-4927

Helping providers manage their entire business


Designed to help providers manage all aspects of their businesses, including billing, collections, inventory management, sales, marketing, patient care and operations management, TeamDME! XL also helps them isolate key data points that help them improve business performance. Key features include order processing; point of sale; recurring rentals; recurring sales; accounts receivable; CMN\PAR generation; electronic billing; inventory control; serialized equipment; equipment servicing; accounts payable; general ledger; electronic medical records; and patient eligibility. TeamDME! XL is available as a hosted system, or as a web-based/SAAS system.

(888) 832-6363

Cutting paper cuts while boosting process integrity

Brightree MyForms

Brightree’s MyForms was created to eliminate paper forms and create process integrity across a company. Brightree says that the front-end documentation collection process is the least automated and highest risk area for most HME/DME providers. MyForms will auto-generate and complete all required forms based on HCPCS, payer and diagnosis codes on a Brightree sales order. The software helps you to streamline and enforce a disciplined documentation collection process using configurable business rules that automatically distribute work to individuals or groups. Also, MyForms lets you capture electronic signatures on any document.

(888) 598-7797

Fleet and delivery management with handheld integration

Brightree Mobile Delivery

Brightree’s Mobile Delivery helps manage your delivery fleet and increase productivity in the field. The software tracks inventory and integrates handheld devices with the Brightree platform to pass real-time data from the field to the office. This helps you to prepare and assign deliveries, track and confirm deliveries, and monitor driver location and routes. The software’s electronic delivery ticket reduces paper-based processes and manual steps by automatically loading orders onto drives’ handheld devices. The software also helps you stay compliant by reminding drivers to complete and collect documentation.

(888) 598-7797

Patient management and operational functionality

Healthcare Data Management System

Universal Software Solution’s Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS) is a patient management system providing the operational functionality needed by home healthcare providers. Optional integrations from HDMS Mobile™ allow for real-time connectivity with smart devices directly into the HDMS database. Billing and accounts receivable, compliance and auditing are part of the basic package. The HDMS solution can be configured in several different modes: premise based, hosted, or in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. HDMS has the functionality for pharmacy, home infusion, hospice and home health nursing providers.

Universal Software Solutions Inc.
(810) 653-5000 (option 2)

An all-in-one HME business management solution

TIMS Software

TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited, delivers an all-in-one solution. TIMS offers everything from intake & inventory management to revenue cycle operations & financial reporting. Other powerful features include: billing rules & fee schedules, integrated workflow, documentation, rental & serial-tracked equipment, electronic claims validation, reimbursement, denial management, rental equipment billing, barcoding, EDI, drop shipping, document imaging, business intelligence & APIs.

Computers Unlimited
(406) 255-9500

This article originally appeared in the May 2015 issue of HME Business.


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