HME Software Roundup

10 software options to help you lasso new business

Are you looking to rope up a new system to help streamline and expand your HME business? Look no further. We’ve corralled a whole passel of systems for increasing your efficiency and boosting your bottom line.

The question is, which software steer should you put your brand on? Hopefully this guide will help you make the right decision. We look at each system to let you know what type of system it is, as well as what features it offers.

In terms of system types, there are three main options: stand-alone systems that you install at your business site; hosted systems that run on a software provider’s network, but that use special software you install on your work stations; and hosted offerings that fit the software as a service (SAAS) model by being accessed by users through web browsers.

In terms of features, we have collected information on seven key areas:
Ordering. What order creation, entry, processing features does a system offer?
Billing. What billing tools, authentication, and processing features does it offer?
Document Management. What document management features does it offer?
Accreditation. How does a system help providers maintain accreditation?
Inventory. What inventory management and control features does it offer?
Delivery. What delivery management and optimization features does it offer?
Online community. What features does it offer to let providers communicate and share information or best practices?
So, if you’re looking for a system, here are 10 cayuses that could become your trusty steed:
DIABCO/Healthcare Software Solutions


• A stand-alone system installed on-site

• A web-based/SAAS system

Ordering — Work orders produce all needed documents, and the system lets users define steps required for each type of product or service. Uncompleted steps reporting features provide a useful tracking tool. Recurring supply orders are highly automated for monthly, quarterly or any user-defined frequency.
Billing — AR-Express features electronic billing for all primary and secondary insurances, including MSP. A table-driven set of business rules lets users define payor-specific validations of claims for the claim scrubbing process. Prior to claim processing, Medicare benefits can be confirmed using ME-First, Diabco’s web-based eligibility service, which identifies HMOs, deductibles, and correct addresses.
Document Management — EZ-Scan document storage and retrieval is used for the paperless office. All patient documents are stored electronically and can be viewed or printed from the document manager. Users can create any needed document using Microsoft Word, and when added to the system, it will personalize the document with mail merge of patient name, address, physician name and address.
Accreditation — Asset Management is a feature which keeps a complete history of all rental items. Deliveries and pickup dates, patient, and driver are automatically recorded. Maintenance can be scheduled, and detailed service and repair records track all costs and parts used in the database for each item by serial number.
Inventory — The purchasing and receiving process updates inventory on-order, on-hand, and last costs for all products by manufacturer, and can produce bar coded price tags. Using the ePO feature will send purchase orders electronically to vendors. As patient orders are entered, inventory is depleted, and stock status reporting gives providers a reorder tool.
Delivery — Barcoded delivery tickets and products are used to capture all outgoing delivery information using handheld barcode scanners. Barcodes are also used for retail sales with Diabco’s POS-Success system. Even patients can be given barcoded “customer loyalty” cards for promotional purposes.
Online community — In addition to the web Medicare Eligibility services, all software support for the system is handled via internet. Support issues and change requests are managed in a web database, and when resolved, answers are posted to a Diabco’s web-based, searchable “Solutions” knowledgebase, which provides quick documentation of best practices and solutions to common problems, and lets users find answers quickly.
Brightree LLC

Type:    • A web-based/SAAS system
Ordering — Providers only have to enter patient data once. Once confirmed, electronic billing is processed automatically each night. Using Brightree’s price tables, sales orders are generated with correct modifiers, pricing, documentation requirements and accept assignment status. Providers can be assured that the invoice generated is accurate, and an audit trail tracks and monitors changes to the chart.
Billing — Claims are electronically transmitted overnight to Medicare, Medicaid and more than 1,700 commercial payers automatically each evening. Payer-generated acceptance reports are automatically retrieved and linked to the submission, which makes the process of tracking eClaims submissions easy. Online Medicare eligibility and NPI database are included.
Document Management — Brightree has partnered with RemitDATA WebScan to provide a HIPPA-compliant, integrated solution for document imaging. Once you scan your documents (CMNs, EOBs, Invoices, Employment Documents, AP Info, etc.) the system automatically detects the document and links it to the appropriate records within Brightree. Once scanned, documents are instantly available to any authorized user.
Accreditation — Patient complaints and comments are maintained within the patient notes section. Tracking serial numbers and lot numbers (once defined for particular items) are required ensuring that those items are properly addressed.
Inventory — Brightree offers real-time inventory management that’s integrated with billing. It helps providers monitor the location, service, and profitability of each piece of equipment by automatically tracking items as they are received into inventory, rented, sold, loaned, transferred, and serviced.
Delivery — Two copies of delivery tickets are automatically printed— one stays with the patient and the other is returned with the signature from the patient. Items that require serial numbers automatically prompt the driver for entry onto the form. Internal mechanisms ensure that all deliveries are executed.
Online community — Brightree regularly posts guides, tips, industry news, and other information to the main message center. Brightree also hosts online “lunch and learn” sessions twice a month where best practices and tips are presented to help users fully use the system.
Fastrack Enterprise System-Windows/SQL
Fastrack Healthcare Systems

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A hosted system that uses client software
Ordering — Fastrack users can schedule recurring supply orders, handles wholesale and maintenance orders, rental and equipment purchases. The CSR from within order entry can create purchase requisitions to alert purchasing of product requirements. Orders are sent via wireless communications to PDA devices in the warehouse for personnel to verify they have the correct items and pick them.
Billing — Fastrack offers online eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid and insurance payors as well as electronic claims submission to each bill type. Audit features ensures only clean claims are submitted. Upon confirmation of the delivery, the billing process requires a few simple steps. The system offers billing for facilities, wholesale accounts and an integrated credit card processing.
Document Management — Fastrack’s document imaging is fully integrated into the system such that any type of document can be inserted into nine key areas of the system including patient, employee, insurance, referral source and physician. The system will automatically create a separate ERN per patient. Users can batch scan documents for automatic insertion into the appropriate tab in the patient file.
Accreditation — The system helps verify the tracking of serial/lot numbers with the ease of locating products that are recalled. It meets all document requirements, by providing complete audit trails showing access to patient records and helping to meet HIPAA requirements.
Inventory — Fastrack offers a full inventory control system including the ability to scan barcodes on products with a wireless barcode enabled PDA devices for real-time receiving and physical inventory purposes. Clients can establish an unlimited number of warehouses or consignment locations. Fastrack offers extensive depreciation, cost and inventory movement reporting as well as minimum/maximum reports.
Delivery — Fastrack generates optimized routes with estimated delivery times to reduce fuel costs. Drivers carry a Treo cell phone or handheld computer that includes all their orders, and can scan products to verify they have the correct item, process credit cards, capture the patient’s signature, add products to orders, and automatically confirm orders right from the patient’s home or facility.
Online community — Fastrack promotes communications between clients though our user meetings
Inscrybe Healthcare
Type:    • A web-based/SAAS system

Ordering — Inscrybe provides electronic entry and fax input, online entry, electronic signature and completion of new orders from physicians, hospital patient discharges, providers, health insurers or administrators. The system also includes provider specialties, online equipment catalogs, automated notifications and follow-ups, unified status dashboard and communications preferences.
Billing — The system provides an interface with internal billing systems for information and/or document exchange and external systems (HIS or EHR/EMR). Document and transaction authentication including USPS Electronic Postmark (EPM) seal for trusted third-party verification, time stamp and audit trails are also offered.
Document Management — The system provides automated rules-based electronic forms, intelligent routing and transaction management, electronic signing, content authentication, identity credentialing and verification incorporating web- and fax-based document communications.
Accreditation — Built-in process automation and auditable transaction records support the fulfillment of standard operating procedures for order and reimbursement processing.
Inventory — Inscrybe provides an interface to external billing and inventory management systems for information exchange.
Delivery — Automated notification, delivery and tracking via, e-mail, fax or text messaging are provided, as well as secure online retrieval of patient and other sensitive information. The system offers a unified status dashboard for reconsider, resend and other follow-up reminders, and audit trails include time stamp of transaction via USPS EPM.
Online community — A web-based, secure information exchange network accelerates approval, billing and reimbursement cycles, tracks electronic and fax communications and optimizes workflow between physicians, providers, health plan insurers/payors and other authorized users. Compliance with CMS and HIPAA regulations and U.S. ESIGN Law.
Dynamic Energy Systems
Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A web-based/SAAS system
Ordering — Providers enter customer data and order information once. MedAct offers end-to-end claims processing with comprehensive inventory management, document tracking and patient record management.
Billing — The system includes real-time eligibility checks, electronic billing and accounts receivable.
Document Management — MedAct includes a Document Management system with document imaging and patient record management.
Accreditation — Required reports are included and easily generated to help with acquiring or maintaining accreditation. MedAct includes surveys, electronic filing and other tools to help HME businesses.
Inventory — Comprehensive inventory management system to track work orders, deliveries and documents. Produce accurate claims and streamline receivables. Integration with QuickBooks and Peachtree to unite front office and back office activities.
Delivery — The system includes UPS Logistics integration for fleet and delivery optimization, and integrates barcoding, maintenance and scheduling with lot tracking. Providers can maximize driver and equipment productivity with enhanced driver performance.
Online community — The MedAct User Community is available to share best practices and MedAct offers services and consultation with it’s partners for accreditation, consultation and how to start or grow a DME business. MedAct is a member of AMEPA and is a DME legislative advocate.
Noble House
800-749-6700 ext 22

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
Ordering — The system providers a simple order entry process including macro capabilities and generates cap rentals and other repeat billing automatically with proper modifiers and fees. It transmits claims electronically to all Medicaids, Medicare, and roughly 2200 commercial payers.
Billing — Noble*Direct offers online patient insurance eligibility for a particular patient or for batch inquiries, and creates standard and custom documents using Microsoft Word and Mailmerge. Autoposting of Medicare and other payer’s ERN data files is provided, as well as pre-transmission batch editing of entered claims to determine missing data and inconsistencies.
Document Management — Noble*Direct lets providers scan and index documents for the paperless office. Scanners must be TWAIN-compliant and can be used with Automatic Document Feeder to read and interpret bar-coded documents. User-defined categories can be defined and selected for efficiently managing scanned image files.
Accreditation — The system promotes orderly flow of patient correspondence and service including phone calls as well as standard and custom forms. Alerts provider if particular requirements have been stated and are not met. Document imaging features allow management of important required documentation.
Inventory — Noble*Direct creates purchase orders and allows receipt of serialized or non-serialized inventories. Monitors on-order, on-hand and minimum order quantities so that inventory levels may be optimally maintained. Inventory stock and financial evaluation reports can also be generated, and the Noble*Direct database may be synchronized with Intuit Quickbooks for financial reporting.
Delivery — Noble*Direct generates several types of delivery tickets both for local delivery and mail order. Electronic files are transparently created for use by shipping companies. Interface with Google-Maps allows simple creation of map from patient address data to assist drivers. Signed delivery ticket is scanned and stored within patient record.
Solution/One HME
Computer Applications Unlimited, Inc.

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A hosted system that uses client software
• A web-based/SAAS system
• Others: complete online billing service (eBS)

Ordering — The system provides flexible ordering features such as ICD9 to line item, complete ABN processing, prior authorization, customer credit hold warning, shipping address, back order, laser CMN/DIF, rentals and purchases on the same order, product “kits,” delivery/shipping document printing, complimentary 1500 printing, payer overrides, service end date, sales tax, salesperson, doctor, referral, primary physician, and correct allowed pricing.
Billing — Users can create A/R for all primary invoices in one process; automatic recurring rental invoicing; edits prior to creating A/R; “smart system” prints invoices to correct forms or prepares for electronic submission; additional edits at electronic level; print one statement for an individual customer; easy-to-understand statements; edit a 1500 on-screen; and use automatic instant Medicare eligibility.
Document Management — The system lets providers easily scan, link, and view internal document imaging via universally accepted, fast-loading PDFs. They can reference related documents from strategic areas throughout the software. Other features include no re-keying data; compatibility with multi-page scanners; scanning and linking of insurance and ID cards, orders, medical records, vendor purchase orders, etc.; printable document catalogs that are complete with descriptions and scan/creation dates.
Accreditation — CAU software ensures claims are submitted in compliance with national and regional payor processing and payment regulations; provides multi-level security; tracks progress on customer issues to ensure satisfaction; records serialized history, equipment maintenance and service, and exchanges; provides lot tracking; eases disaster recovery and supports provider contingency plans.
Inventory — Real-time inventory management tools maintain complete serialized history, including depreciation, service and maintenance, and easy equipment exchanges. Lot tracking and asset tracking add to quick identification. Use requisitions to compare vendor pricing and automatically create purchase orders.
Delivery — Users can schedule delivery personnel on individual calendars; provide directions by clicking a handy MapQuest button; arrange routes; provide order notes; and, use integrated PDA computing programs to streamline delivery/pickup accuracy and capture digital signatures.
Online community — CAU’s Customer Resources Web site offers an online forum in addition to a searchable knowledgebase of “How To” articles; frequentcustomer-only announcements include breaking industry news, important events, and helpful reminders and tips to benefit our clients. Online surveys help users provide feedback and shape the direction of CAU’s software.
(800) 231-7776

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A hosted system that uses client software
• A web-based/SAAS system
(Customer’s choice; can move in between system type)

Ordering — Users can create sales, rental or loaner transactions. Records can be set up to utilize QS/1’s new on-screen resupply reminder and rental follow-up compliance calls. Users can work on up to four orders at the same time if needed. SystemOne IVR (Interactive Voice Response) lets patients refill orders over the phone 24/7, can call out with resupply reminders and call out and perform rental compliance calls.

Billing — The system provides the ability to do eligibility checking and claims status inquiry for not only Medicare, but Medicaid/Medical and commercial insurance. Direct electronic claims to Medicare and state Medicaids at no additional charge. Payments can be downloaded and posted electronically to save time and money.

Document Management — Users can track when documents are printed, received and signed, all of which release billing flags. SystemOne offers the user a choice of either QS/1’s integrated document imaging or interfaces to MedFORCE’s MedFORCE 7, RemitData’s WebScan or Integra’s Docutrac document imaging solutions. Scanned documents can be emailed from within SystemOne.
Accreditation — SystemOne has a variety of features and reports that aid providers with their accreditation. The system’s almost unlimited miscellaneous notes on carrier, doctor, item, patient and transaction/order/claim records, combined with its integrated custom reporting let providers generate almost any report needed by accrediting bodies.
Inventory — SystemOne tracks inventory for standard, serialized and lot numbered items. Inventory can be looked up 10 different ways including UPC codes. User can establish inventory minimums and maximums and create automated purchase orders when quantity on hand falls below the minimum. SystemOne, HME POS all use barcodes to for sales, rentals and physical counts to help reduce user error.
Delivery — SystemOne has integrated item tracking/workflow management so that everyone knows where an ordered item is in the delivery process. QS/1’s newest feature includes paperless delivery with electronic signature capture via tablet PCs. QS/1’s newest feature supports tablet PCs for drivers so that they have full real time connectivity to their data at their office. New orders can be entered and immediately appear on the tablet PCs. Patient’s can sign one time on the tablet PC rather than on 9 paper documents. QS/1 also offers website creation.

The DME Office
SoftAid Medical Management
888-895-2466 ext 686

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A hosted system that uses client software
Ordering — The DME Office can create purchase orders for vendors and auto populates provider inventory by receiving inventory from the PO at the line item level; even tracking back orders. On the patient side, orders can be created for patients and claims automatically created from those orders while keeping track your inventory no matter the order type: single order, supply order (re-order), or rental.
Billing — Providers can bill direct from the software the DME office to Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and commercial payors, which, along with eligibility verification, allows for faster and cleaner claims processing.
Document Management — The DME Office can house not just scanned documents, but virtually any type of file can be stored in the system at the patient level, creating a “virtual filing cabinet” that can be accessed by clicking the mouse.
Delivery — The DME Office Automatically generated delivery tickets or pickup tickets and serial number swapping in the inventory system that can be tied back to the order.
Online community — SoftAid holds user group meetings with full day scheduled activities including speakers, training sessions, learning centers and hosted breakfast, lunch, and dinners several times a year for all users.
TIMS Software
Computers Unlimited

Type:    • A stand-alone system installed on-site
• A hosted system that uses client software

Ordering — The system offers comprehensive patient intake and validation of insurance and product-specific coverage.
Billing — TIMS providers claims process, validation, and denial management, as well as electronic transmissions with Medicare, Medicaid and private payers..
Document Management — The system offers an integrated and secure patient document management system for unlimited number and type of patient-related documents.
Inventory — TIMS includes comprehensive asset control and tracking of medical gases, rental equipment and supplies for multiple warehouse environments.
Delivery — Providers can leverage integrated delivery system from order intake, dispatching to mobile delivery with electronic proof of delivery.
Online community — A web-based online portal lets TIMS’s user base network and exchange ideas on best practices to maximize software utilization.

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The HME Handbook edition of HME Business (July 2008) offers articles on how to select the right software system for your business, and how to best leverage that system. – look at our Software Solutions Center, which can be found in the resources portion of our site.

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of HME Business.

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