Telehealth Evals for Complex Rehab: What's Involved?

Telehealth Evals for Complex RehabWhen the COVID-19 pandemic, one sector of postacute care that got hit hard was complex rehab, but there was a silver lining: CMS and other payers relaxed the guidelines around telehealth as a means to conduct patient evaluations.

One company that has been at the forefront of that technology is TeleHealth Clinical Evals, and CEO Bill Paul met with HMEB to discuss the importance of telehealth for CRT, the technology and tools involved, the problems they solve, and the benefits telehealth brings to patients and providers alike. Paul’s company has been involved in HME and CRT for many years and he developed workflow and telehealth systems tailor-made for the needs of today, as well as CRT providers’ and patients’ future telehealth needs for remote care.

This Viewpoint will provide the answers to:

  • What was the genesis of Telehealth Evals for CRT?
  • How tough has the public health emergency been for CRT providers?
  • Did you see an uptick in CRT providers starting to do the telehealth evals during the pandemic as a result?
  • Are CRT providers going to see a continued impact from the public health emergency, and are they going to see a continued need for Telehealth Evals?
  • Regardless of the public health emergency, should it be an ongoing business imperative to have these operational efficiencies in place?
  • As CRT providers that developed this solution, what’s the origin story of ATLAS?
  • How are CRT providers using it, and particularly on the telehealth side?
  • For CRT specialists out there that are looking to implement these sorts of solutions, do you have any guidelines about how to get started?

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