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Driving Loyalty and Revenue Through Equipment Protection Plans

This webinar will explore the value of protection plans to patients, as well benefits such as additional upfront revenue, repair service income and overall customer satisfaction. We will also explore how a robust, well-designed protection plan program can differentiate a provider, help close sales and eliminate margin erosion.

Assessing the Effectiveness of POCs in the Current Marketplace

Join guest speaker and researcher Rachel Culbreth, PhD, MPH, RRT for a review of the recent Georgia State University study, "Comparison of portable oxygen concentrators using a COPD patient simulation model."

Poised for More Growth: Why HME Providers Should Invest in Respiratory

During this webinar, you’ll learn about the continued evolution of the respiratory category and the critical role Home Medical Equipment providers are playing during the pandemic. Webinar speakers will also review solutions designed to help drive HME business efficiencies, patient engagement and overall improved patient outcomes.

Your Post-PHE Audit Strategy

This presentation will provide an update on what we have seen thus far and a detailed assessment of what we see happening with audits this year.

How to Finish Strong and Begin the 2022 Strategic Planning Process for Sales

Discover a 2022 strategic sales plan that is right for your business and team to achieve increased referrals and market share.

The HME Business October DemoCast

Join us to see compelling new products and services in a single online event with several video demos of the products and services your patients and referral partners need.

Implementing Your Digital Patient Experience: Why & How

This webinar will explain why HME businesses must provide instant, streamlined communication to patients and caregivers, and outline the steps that providers can take toward assessing and implementing a digital patient experience that exceeds their expectations.

How to Prepare and Thrive in the New Sales Normal

Together we will explore what the sales professional must be prepared to do in this new normal or be left behind and negatively impact the referral cycle.

Offering Value-Added Services to Customers While Avoiding Prohibited Inducements

This webinar will discuss the federal laws governing value-added services to patients; those value-added services that are legally acceptable; and those value-added services that may trigger a government enforcement action.

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