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Understanding the Group 2 Complex Rehab Opportunity

Mobility providers are missing out on a key revenue and care opportunity with Group 2 complex rehab. Learn how to serve this important mobility patient segment — and grow your business in the process.

Date: Nov 07, 2018

On Demand

TPEs and UPICs: The new CMS Audit Strategy

This presentation, led by well-known industry expert and former auditor, Wayne van Halem, will provide attendees with an explanation of the new TPE an UPIC programs and will also include a discussion of some of the issues that may arise if you are undergoing one of these audits.

eReferrals and ePrescriptions: Put the "E" in HME

Two essential and available technologies, eReferral and ePrescription, can streamline and optimize your referral and prescription processes; enhance your referral relationships through more responsive and accurate service; and grow your revenue in the process.

Removing Fraud Landmines from Your Referral Network

This webinar will set out concrete steps that the DME supplier can take to avoid fraud landmines in the first place, and take remedial steps if the supplier discovers that it may have engaged in fraudulent actions.

Your Entry Into E-commerce

Discover the best online strategy/model for your HME & how to unlock success.

Live from Medtrade

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