Frequently Asked Questions about Login and Registration

Please take a look at the following scenarios- most of the time, you'll find your solution quickly...

How do I know if I have a password?

If you clicked this link, you’re probably having login problems. Here’s the best thing to do:

Enter your email address

Select “I do not have a password (sign up now)”

Hit “Submit”

If you are presented with a form to fill out, please answer the questions, and you’ll be directed to the white paper or asset you selected.

If you are already in the system, you’ll get a message saying “This username already exists in the system.” In that case, hit “Forgot your password? Click here.” Your password will be instantly emailed to you. Then use that password to login.

I logged in yesterday, but now it’s asking for my email address and password again. What is the problem?

Did you delete your browser cookies? You must have cookies enabled in order to successfully log in. Please make sure your browser is enabled to accept cookies. If you delete your cookies, you will be prompted to supply your email address and password, but you won’t have to fill out the form again.

Once I log-in, will I have to put my login info for everything I want to view or download?

No. Once you’re logged in, you’ll have full access to all content on the site. You may from time to time be presented with a few additional questions, but once you’ve logged in you will stay logged in unless you log out, or (deliberately or accidently) delete your cookie. But you can login again with just your email and password.

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