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  • HME Handbook: Software

    How to Employ Software to Study Key Performance Indicators

    There are several key performance indicators providers should track, and today's HME software systems offer various tools to help them do it. 06/01/2017

  • QS/1 President Announces Retirement

    Devine ends 35-year career with HME software firm where she worked her way up the ranks. 05/18/2017

  • Products & Technology
    Claims Data

    The Great Claims Data Treasure Hunt

    Effectively analyzing your billing and claims data can uncover big revenuegenerating and cashsaving opportunities, but most HME providers are not using data reporting and analysis to its fullest potential. Here's what you need to know. 05/01/2017

  • Data Collection 2.0: A Q&A with Andrea Stark

    How providers can better understand the ways their IT systems can serve up strategically advantageous data. 05/01/2017

  • Five Tips for Improving Patient Billing

    Strategic approaches to improve billing efficiencies, sharpen staff effectiveness, and strengthen patient relationships. 04/24/2017

  • Editor's Note

    A New Attitude

    CMS needs to change how it regards HME. How it helps shape the future of U.S. healthcare could depend on it. 04/01/2017

  • QS/1 Parent Gets New CEO

    Turfe will lead J M Smith Corp., which operates HME software company, as chairman and CEO. 03/02/2017

  • Products & Technology
    Data Security

    Hacked: Data Security for HME Providers

    The world of healthcare is becoming increasingly concerned with data security -- and with good reason. A casual glance at the headlines will show that hospitals and care networks are falling victim to attacks. Never before has patient and healthcare data been more in need of protection, and that includes HME businesses. What must providers do to protect their information and patients? 02/01/2017

  • Products & Technology
    patient care

    Continuous, Connected Care

    We have seen the ways remote patient monitoring has changed sleep therapy care, outcomes, and business models. What does this mean in terms of providers’ ability to improve care and outcomes? How will that benefit their referral partner relationships? What are the technology trends that will make it happen? What other HME segments might see increased monitoring? Diabetes? Oxygen? 01/01/2017

  • Business Solutions
    Key trends building the HME industry

    Taking Shape

    Every January, we project 10 key market, product, technology, reimbursement, regulatory, legislative, or patient care trends that will impact providers over the next 12 months. This year brings competitive bidding’s continued impact, audits, providers’ continued efforts to diversify and even reinvent their businesses, and more. 01/01/2017

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