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  • Managing the Digital Patient Experience

    You might have heard about the digital patient experience before COVID-19, but the pandemic pushed it to the fore. What is the digital patient experience, and how do HME providers optimize and manage it? 02/24/2021

  • VGM Forbin Announces New President

    Lindy Tentinger moves from Senior Vice President of Marketing role at VGM & Associates to head up industry web development and web services arm of VGM Group. 02/18/2021

  • David Kopf

    2020: A Year to Remember?

    Or maybe forget. To be sure, the year everybody loves to hate has made some lasting impacts on the HME industry. 12/17/2020

  • Products & Technology

    The Strongest Link

    We round up the latest HME software offerings to help ensure your business can adapt to whatever the market can throw at it — whether that’s reimbursement changes or a full-blown pandemic. 12/01/2020

  • Managing Your Employee’s Continuing Education

    Continuing education is a crucial care requirement and business differentiator for today's HME/DME providers. How can HME business owners and managers better manage their staff's education? 09/08/2020

  • The Technology Side of HME & COVID-19

    Rob Boeye of Brightree discusses his company’s four-pronged approach to helping providers respond to the public health emergency. 08/06/2020

  • software

    How to Use Software to Identify and Track Performance Metric

    HME providers know they need to track data and metrics to improve their business and operations strategies, but what does that actually mean in practice? 07/07/2020

  • sleep therapy

    How to Provide Optimal Communications for Sleep Resupply

    Consistent patient communication, a key element of any successful resupply strategy, has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. 06/18/2020

  • Optimizing Technology for a Better HME Business

    HME providers’ long-term success hinges on regular technology education so that they understand the array of software tools available and how they can strategically implement those solutions throughout their businesses. 06/11/2020

  • Serving Sleep Patients During COVID-19 — and After

    To tackle COVID-19, a number of solutions have been deployed to continue providing sleep therapy products and services to patients during the pandemic. How will that impact sleep care and business models after the PHE? 06/02/2020

Webinars & Webcasts

  • The HME Business May DemoCast

    Stay in the loop with new HME products and services. It's like having all the best parts of a trade show expo streamed directly to your computer!

  • Hey... Where's my pump?!

    Join us for a live demo on technology to help you manage your equipment.

  • Special Product Launch DemoCast #2

    Join us for the second in a series of Product Launch DemoCasts that let you see compelling new products and services in a single online event with several five and ten minute video demos of the products and services your patients and referral partners need.


  • HME Business Podcast

    Managing the Digital Patient Experience

    So what is the digital patient experience, why is it important to HME, and how do providers optimize and manage their patients’ digital experience? Nupura Kolwalkar, Chief Product Officer for HME software company Brightree joins the podcast to dive into the topic.

Managing the Digital Patient Experience podcast with Nupura Kolwalkar