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  • Problem Solver
    Ty Bello

    Sales in the Endemic

    We will never go back to a pre-pandemic sales process, so where and how does sales fit into your business going forward? 04/01/2022

  • 2021 HME Business Handbook: Strategy

    To Chase or Not To Chase: The 'Shiny Object Conundrum'

    New opportunities can be exciting and seem almost irresistible. How does a savvy HME owner and operator distinguish between the 'latest thing' and a legitimate chance to increase revenue? 06/22/2021

  • Team@Work Expands Coaching Staff

    Rebecca Small joins coaching and business services organization as its new vice president of DME/HME Business Development. 06/17/2021

  • Podcast

    Five Referral Sales Challenges Facing HMEs Right Now

    HME sales expert Ty Bello joins the HMEB podcast to discuss how providers can overcome the five toughest sales challenges in the post-COVID healthcare environment. 06/10/2021

  • 2021 HME Business Handbook: Strategy

    Harnessing Data to Navigate the Post-PHE and Grow Market Share

    The market data solutions now available are light years beyond what we once had. How so, and how does an HME sales organization maximize its effectiveness with them? 06/01/2021

  • Podcast

    The New Normal for HME Sales

    Going forward, providers' sales teams must implement a more robust sales process that integrates market data and CRM. 03/16/2021

  • Observation Deck

    The Essential Stand-Out Sales Approach for 2021

    Providers of all sizes either survived or thrived in 2020. Regardless of how our businesses fared in 2020, we must approach sales planning in 2021 differently. 02/04/2021

  • Podcast

    HME Sales Leadership in 2021

    As we tally the pandemic lessons learned in 2020, sales coaching expert Ty Bello discusses how sales strategy will change for HME in 2021. 01/28/2021

  • HME and Consumer Financing Options

    Supporting consumer credit plays a key role in retail sales. What do providers need to know to support healthcare-specific credit cards — and reap the benefits? 07/07/2020

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