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  • Team@Work Expands Coaching Staff

    Rebecca Small joins coaching and business services organization as its new vice president of DME/HME Business Development. 06/17/2021

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    Five Referral Sales Challenges Facing HMEs Right Now

    HME sales expert Ty Bellow joins the HMEB podcast to discuss how providers can overcome the five toughest sales challenges in the post-COVID healthcare environment. 06/10/2021

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    The New Normal for HME Sales

    Going forward, providers' sales teams must implement a more robust sales process that integrates market data and CRM. 03/16/2021

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    The Essential Stand-Out Sales Approach for 2021

    Providers of all sizes either survived or thrived in 2020. Regardless of how our businesses fared in 2020, we must approach sales planning in 2021 differently. 02/04/2021

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    HME Sales Leadership in 2021

    As we tally the pandemic lessons learned in 2020, sales coaching expert Ty Bello discusses how sales strategy will change for HME in 2021. 01/28/2021

  • HME and Consumer Financing Options

    Supporting consumer credit plays a key role in retail sales. What do providers need to know to support healthcare-specific credit cards — and reap the benefits? 07/07/2020

  • Observation Deck

    Being Social in the New Normal

    The COVID-19 crisis has forced us to adopt a set of new phrases and behaviors into our daily lives, but we can still do things to strengthen our lasting relationships with patients, caregivers, referrals, coworkers and all the people in our lives. 05/13/2020

  • The Spiro Merger: The Best of Both Worlds

    A Q&A with the three HME business leaders that formed the recently announced Spiro brand to get a deeper look at what motivated the merger, their branding, technology approach and strategy for serving their New England markets. 04/23/2020

  • Online Presence
    using a tablet

    Go Google Yourself!

    Your pharmacy's marketing success may depend on taking control of your online presence — even if you didn't know you have one. 04/01/2020

  • COVID-19 Protocols, Practices Quickly Emerging in HME Industry

    Across the country, providers of varying care categories and business models are developing best practices and common protocols for sales, patient visits, deliveries, telehealth, referrals relations and operations, according to survey interviews. 04/01/2020

Webinars & Webcasts

  • HME Sales Strategy: How to gain an edge over your competition

    Today's selling environment requires changing sales behaviors to gain an edge on the competition and grab valuable market share. Join us to find out how to reconfigure your current sales process utilizing market data and customer relationship management to quickly accelerate growth.

  • The New Sales Approach for 2021 and Lessons from 2020

    Join us for this interactive webinar where we will review lessons learned in 2020 and how we can use them to develop a new sales approach in 2021. We will discuss issues confronting our day-to-day sales efforts and how we are using technology to combat those issues and impact sales. We will also dive into how the dynamic of the referral source is changing and what this potential new normal will look like in 2021.

Podcast: 5 Referral Sales Challenges Facing HMEs Right Now