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  • Provider Strategy

    Clinically Speaking: Group 2 vs. Group 3

    Determining which type of power wheelchair is right for a client requires 'knowing the code' as well as understanding patient needs. 01/01/2019

  • Product Profile
    XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chair

    Filling a Unique Mobility Niche

    Shoprider's XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chairs aren't full-blown CRT, but they help patients with needs that go beyond a basic, Group 1 device. 10/01/2018

  • New Leader Takes Reins at Vantage Mobility

    Corporate leader with a consumer-focused background Mark Shaughnessy will lead both VMI and its AMS Vans division. 09/13/2018

  • Thomas Babacan Takes Reins at Sunrise

    New president and CEO brings a long career of corporate leadership to wheelchair and scooter maker. 08/30/2018

  • Product Spotlight:

    Quantum Unveils Edge 3 with SRS Technology

    New complex rehab chair responds to market feedback by incorporating Smooth Ride Suspension, other key features. 06/07/2018

  • Business Solutions
    standard power mobility

    Standard Power's Gear Change

    Providers of standard power mobility have dealt with reimbursement and regulatory upheaval for several years now. Have they finally established a profitable and sustainable business model? We talk to some experts to cut through the hype and see where standard power providers are finding real revenues and better margins. 04/01/2018

  • Don't Forget Accessories

    Even if a provider is fully focused on Medicare, it can boost revenues by offering upgrades. What should providers keep in mind when expanding their accessories business? 04/01/2018

  • Editor's Note

    Not an Option

    Why won't Medicare fund power elevation? It should be a basic power chair capability by now. 04/01/2018

  • Compass Health Hires New Executives to Drive Post-Acquisition Growth

    New hires include Zenko as SVP of HME division, Blockinger as VP of strategic accounts, Scarsella as national sales director, and Kaplan as VP of product management. 03/15/2018

  • Products & Technology
    Las Vegas

    HME's Spring Fling

    It's time for Medtrade's annual spring fling. Once again, Medtrade's Las Vegas sister show has arrived, and this year's attendees will be treated to an expo showcasing a bumper crop of new HME offerings. HMEB takes a look at some of the highlights. 03/01/2018

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