• Editor's Note

    2016's Last Best Shot

    HME will push the 114th one last time for rural bid relief. Can we make a lame duck fly?

  • Observation Deck

    Bidding's Ripple Effect

    Competitive bidding-derived rates are reverberating across more payers.

  • Business Solutions
    Future of HME

    Paving HME's Path

    Each fall we turn to the members of HMEB's editorial advisory board to gain their insights into the trends, obstacles, challenges and opportunities that providers should consider as they shape their business strategies for the next several months. This year, many of the board members are telling us that the future will likely be what providers make of it.

  • Editor's Note

    Reaching Critical Mass

    Has the industry finally hit the point where it simply can't deal with Medicare?

  • Business Solutions
    Complex Rehab

    Complex Rehab: Adapting & Overcoming

    The fight to protect complex rehab therapy accessories and to create a separate benefit continues. After getting a one-year delay to CMS's application of bidding prices to complex rehab accessories, the industry works to not only advance a permanent fix to that, but to finally establish complex rehab as a separate benefit under the DMEPOS program.

  • Editor's Note

    Rekindling HME's Hope

  • Business Solutions

    The Rural Relief Rethink

  • Observation Deck

    Industry Intersections

  • Editor's Note

    Lowered Expectations

  • Editor's Note

    More of a Bad Thing

Webinars & Webcasts

  • Learn to Lobby Like a Pro

    A key panel of lynch-pin political players from the American Association for Homecare’s government affairs team will teach you exactly how to reach out to your members of Congress and be heard in the fight to stop competitive bidding.



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