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    Setting a Smart Strategy for 2019

    Are you setting the right strategy for 2019? This marks our 11th annual survey of the 10 key trends that will impact the home medical equipment industry the most during the New Year. In this year's list, larger healthcare and retail trends could impact HME more than anticipated. As a result, this installment of the Big 10 list is a must-read. 01/01/2019

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    Extending Sleep Revenues & Care

    CPAP cleaners give providers a chance to not only stretch their revenues via a solid retail item, but also benefit their patients' care and compliance. What’s the business case? What’s the therapeutic case? How do the devices work? How do providers get started? HMEB talks to a couple experts to get the details. 12/01/2018

  • Sidebar: Dollars Per Square Foot

    How can you maximize your revenues for a small pharmacy? 12/01/2018

  • DME retail

    Showcasing DME's Retail Superstars

    Several DME product categories are almost guaranteed sellers. What are the best ways to stock them so that you maximize their revenue potential? 12/01/2018

  • The E-Commerce Opportunity

    There's a robust e-commerce market for DME products. How can your DME pharmacy tap into it? 12/01/2018

  • DME Marketplace

    Succeeding in DME means offering a variety of options to your customers. Here are some of the latest products on the market for DME pharmacies to stock. 12/01/2018

  • Problem Solver

    Extending Sleep Revenues Through CPAP Cleaners

    CPAP cleaners give providers a chance to not only stretch their revenues via a solid retail item, but also benefit their patients’ care and compliance. 11/01/2018

  • Business Solutions
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    A Look Ahead For HME

    Each October we ask the members of HMEB’s editorial advisory board to share their insights into the trends, obstacles, challenges and opportunities that providers will likely encounter over the next several months. This year, the board members are pointing to several developments that providers might not have on their radars. 10/01/2018

  • Products & Technology

    10 E-Commerce Winners

    Providers face two pivotal trends: retail sales and a growing volume of online HME purchases. For providers looking to capitalize on the expanding e-commerce market for HME, we profile 10 categories that are performing the best and round up some of the latest offerings in those categories. 09/01/2018

  • Business Solutions

    Retail: Having the Right Plan

    Planograms represent a critical element in providers' merchandising strategies. However, they are often underutilized. How do planograms help sell? What goes into an effective planogram? How can providers start integrating and implementing planograms into their showrooms? 09/01/2018

  • HME's Three e-Commerce Models

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    HME Retail: 2023

  • Product Solutions: Retail Sales

  • Compass Health Hires New Executives to Drive Post-Acquisition Growth

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    HME's Spring Fling


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