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  • Products & Technology

    Winning Solutions

    This year’s winners of our New Product Award offer up solutions that are the perfect fit for today’s HME business environment. Now in its seventh year, our provider-judged competition had 22 winners that are worth checking out. 12/01/2020

  • Observation Deck

    Cash Sales of Medicare-Covered Items

    How much can a Medicare supplier's retail business charge for the items they supply to beneficiaries? 12/01/2020

  • Provider Strategy

    COVID-19 and the Future of Retail

    What are some of the top strategies that retail HME providers have implemented to continue serving customers during COVID-19? What ones will last? 12/01/2020


  • 10 Retail Best Practices for HME Providers

    Whether you’re introducing cash sales into your traditional reimbursement business or striving to drop reimbursement products altogether for an all-cash shop, retail success starts with understanding its best practices. In this McKesson Medical-Surgical white paper explains best retail practices that will help you enact a plan that gets customers through your store to buy products that meet their particular needs.

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