Bath Safety

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  • DME retail

    Showcasing DME's Retail Superstars

    Several DME product categories are almost guaranteed sellers. What are the best ways to stock them so that you maximize their revenue potential? 12/01/2018

  • DME Marketplace

    Succeeding in DME means offering a variety of options to your customers. Here are some of the latest products on the market for DME pharmacies to stock. 12/01/2018

  • Product Solutions

    Bath Safety

    A look at some of the latest bath safety offerings on the market. 04/01/2018

  • Compass Health Hires New Executives to Drive Post-Acquisition Growth

    New hires include Zenko as SVP of HME division, Blockinger as VP of strategic accounts, Scarsella as national sales director, and Kaplan as VP of product management. 03/15/2018

  • Products & Technology
    Bath Safety

    The Bath Safety Rethink

    Meet the new face of bath safety. It's focused on fashion and retail appeal — and nowhere near the 'bent metal' days of yesterday. Best of all, with the right marketing and merchandising, it can put a shine on your bottom line. 08/01/2017

  • Making a Splash with Bath Aids

    The marketing and merchandising of bath safety is critical to success. 08/01/2017

  • Celebrate the Temporary

    Suction bath aids are showing up in some unexpected places. 08/01/2017

  • Products & Technology
    Aging in place

    Rethinking Aging in Place

    Aging in place isn’t just home access. It represents a broad array of new service opportunities for the senior market. What are some top product categories that providers can use to jump in? 04/01/2017

  • Product Solutions: Bath Safety

    Providing the right range of bath safety items can dramatically improve a patient’s safety and quality of life. We look at some offerings that can help HMEs accomplish those objectives 03/01/2017

  • DME Pharmacy

    Marketplace: Bath Safety

    Bath safety is a key retail product category. We look at some of the latest offerings on the market. 12/01/2016

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