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    The Rise of the Value-Based HME

    As the industry rounds the bend out of COVID, HME providers can expect more patient demand and a broader set of needs from their clients and referral partners. Are they ready? 05/20/2021

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    Leveraging Policies and Procedures Lessons

    COVID-19 taught providers a lot in terms of infection control, telehealth and other aspects of their businesses. What lessons will stick around for the long haul and what things should they have been doing all along? 04/29/2021

  • Business Solutions

    14th Annual Big 10

    It’s time again for our annual Big 10 list of trends affecting HME now and in the months to come, but this year is different due to the far-reaching COVID-19 public health emergency. See what will impact the industry as we roll into 2021. 02/01/2021

  • Accreditation: The Pharmacy Exemption

    DME pharmacies, the community pharmacies that also provide home and durable medical equipment, have unique circumstances when it comes to DMEPOS accreditation. 02/01/2021

  • Business Solutions

    Game Changes: Accreditation in 2021

    This year marks a renewal cycle for DMEPOS accreditation, but COVID-19 and some other industry trends have changed the game. What do providers need to know to ensure a smooth and timely renewal? 02/01/2021

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    Renewing Accreditation in 2021

    This year marks an accreditation renewal cycle for DMEPOS providers. What do they need to do in order to ensure a smooth, timely renewal? Moreover, how has COVID-19 changed the process what other factors might influence their renewal this time around? 01/14/2021

  • A Case for Using a Learning Management System

    Continuing education is an ongoing process for various disciplines within the HME industry. That said changes in specific requirements, as well as changes made due to the pandemic make managing ongoing education and employees' progress in that regard a sizable task. 01/12/2021

  • Handling Regulatory and Process Changes During the Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a variety of regulatory changes from CMS. How do HME providers manage all of them? 01/12/2021

  • Cleaning and Disinfection for DME

    Providers know that they must enforce more stringent infection control, but what methods and approaches make sense for DME? The answers aren't always obvious. 01/12/2021

  • Virtual Surveys Help Keep DMEPOS Providers Current

    Now that social distancing has become an everyday routine, a virtual site survey for accreditation can be conducted in a safe, convenient, and effective manner. How does it work and what do you need to know? 01/12/2021

Webinars & Webcasts

  • Leveraging Accreditation Compliance for Operational Excellence

    Join us to find out how to maintain accreditation compliance and incorporate accreditation quality standards into your day to day practices.

  • The HME Business May DemoCast

    Take a stroll down an aisle of our virtual expo hall via the HME Business DemoCast. Join us for several five- and ten-minute-long home medical equipment product and information videos followed by Q&A with some of those vendors.

  • Special Spring Product Launch DemoCast

    Join us to see compelling new products and services in a single online event with several five and ten minute video demos of the products and services your patients and referral partners need.


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