Features & Articles

  • Using DMEPOS Accreditation Strategically

    Don't look at DMEPOS accreditation simply as a requirement. Rather, consider how you can leverage its value both in your internal procedures and in your healthcare marketplace. 12/01/2021

  • trophy award

    Top Honors

    This year’s edition of the HMEB New Products of the Year Award saw 15 winners across a variety of categories. We take closer look at what makes the 2021 award winners so special. 12/01/2021

  • Observation Deck

    The Importance of Collecting Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    If patient relationships truly are at the heart of what HME providers do, then tracking client satisfaction is critical. 12/01/2021

  • The COVID-19 Fight Continues

    One area of HME that continues to face the ongoing public health emergency is accreditation. Two accreditation professionals explain how they’ve responded to the pandemic. 11/16/2021

  • Video Interview

    New Immunization and Testing Certifications

    Sandy Canally of The Compliance Team discusses two new services available from her company that can help HME suppliers and DME pharmacies expand the services they provide — and their revenues. 10/21/2021

  • Video Interview

    A New Infusion Benefit and New Opportunities

    Sandy Canally of The Compliance Team tells us about how CMS has deemed a new infusion benefit and explains how this can be an opportunity for HME providers and DME pharmacies. 10/21/2021

  • Video Interview

    Medtrade East from a Newcomer’s Perspective

    Caitlin Warner of The Compliance Team has been in the industry for a long time, but hasn't had a chance to get to Medtrade East until this year. She shares her perspective on the show. 10/21/2021

  • Podcast

    Equipment Management: Getting Back to Basics

    Covid-19 and the increased emphasis on infection control have made this fundamental business process all the more critical. What goes into effective, optimized equipment management? 10/07/2021

  • Product & Technology
    rocket launching

    Product Launch Fall 2021

    A collection of compelling new HME products and services that'll help your business hit new HEIGHTS with patients and referral partners 10/01/2021

  • BOC Promotes Gruskin to Chief Operating Officer

    Gruskin’s duties expanded to include oversight of BOC’s internal systems and external vendor relationships, as well as management of the accrediting organization’s operations staff. 09/30/2021

Webinars & Webcasts

  • Leveraging Accreditation Compliance for Operational Excellence

    Join us to find out how to maintain accreditation compliance and incorporate accreditation quality standards into your day to day practices.

  • The HME Business May DemoCast

    Take a stroll down an aisle of our virtual expo hall via the HME Business DemoCast. Join us for several five- and ten-minute-long home medical equipment product and information videos followed by Q&A with some of those vendors.

  • Special Spring Product Launch DemoCast

    Join us to see compelling new products and services in a single online event with several five and ten minute video demos of the products and services your patients and referral partners need.


  • HME Business Podcast

    The COVID-19 Fight Continues

    Joining the podcast to discuss how the pandemic has affected accreditation for HME providers are José Domingos, the president and CEO of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), and Tim Safley, the program director for ACHC. Both guests explain how their company responded to the public health emergency, how that influenced CMS, and explore how they—and the industry—continue to learn and apply ongoing lessons learned during the pandemic.

  • HME Business Podcast

    Outlining DME Policies & Procedures for Now -- and the Future

    Jackie King and Dan McPhilemy of Community Healthcare Accreditation Partners (CHAP) discuss how their organization has developed a new approach to bridge both worlds of trying to fill new and unique care segments as well as rapidly take advantage of market opportunities.

  • HME Business Podcast

    Common Accreditation Site Survey Pitfalls and Corrective Action Plans

    Matt Gruskin, credentialing director for the Board of Certification and Accreditation, points out regularly occurring site survey issues that can be easily prevented, and also discusses how providers can deal with corrective action plains, as well. If you want to have your accreditation ducks in a row, this episode’s a must-listen.

Podcast: A New Approach to Mask Fitting