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  • Video

    Pursuing Specialized Accreditation

    Accrediting organization The Compliance Team and respiratory provider Breath of Life discuss the Patient-Centered Respiratory Home Accreditation program. 10/24/2018

  • 2018 HME Business Handbook: Accreditation

    How To Use Accreditation To Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

    Accreditation represents much more than an obligatory paperwork requirement that comes up for renewal every three years. it’s an opportunity to use the process as a means to sharpen their business strategies. 06/01/2018

  • Problem Solvers

    Accrediting New Lines of Business

    What should providers consider and plan for when it comes to obtaining accreditation for business expansions or acquisitions? 04/01/2018

  • Accreditation Renewal

    Don't Panic!

    Accreditation renewal is nothing to worry about if you've been sticking to a plan. 04/01/2018

  • Accreditation's Strategic Value

    DMEPOS accreditation isn't simply a Medicare obligation; it can set your HME business apart. Let's look at some key ways it accomplishes that. 02/01/2018

  • Business Solutions

    The Time is Now

    This year represents accreditation renewal time for a large segment of the HME provider industry. Bearing that in mind, we talked to some accreditation experts to get their input on how providers can ensure they renew their accreditation in a fast, efficient, effective and thorough manner. 02/01/2018

  • HME Big Ten

    Falling into Place

    Our annual BIG 10 list yields both new and maturing trends that will shape HME’s strategic landscape for 2018. Trends include protecting rural access, remote monitoring, accreditation renewal, billing non-assigned, and distributed provider operations. 01/01/2018

  • Harry “J.R.” Brandt to Receive BOC’s First Jim Newberry Award

    Brandt recognized for his contributions to the orthotics and prosthetics industry and BOC. 07/13/2017

  • HME Handbook: Accreditation

    How to Get Accredited During a Purchase or Expansion

    Adding new service categories means meeting new accreditation requirements. How should providers approach this process? 06/01/2017

  • Problem Solvers

    Accreditation's Renewal Season

    The time is approaching fast when HME providers need to renew their Medicare accreditation. They want to get out ahead of the process. 04/01/2017

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