January/February 2022 HME Business

Jan/Feb 2022


News Feature

Playing the Waiting Game

By David Kopf

The HME industry waited a long time for CMS to unveil its final payment rule for DMEPOS suppliers. Now that CMS has released the rule, where does the industry stand, and how does it move forward to secure better reimbursement?

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Business Solutions

15th Annual Big 10

By David Kopf

Once again, we proofile 10 trends that will shape the HME industry this year. The far-reaching impact of Covid-19 is undeniable, but it’s not the only factor that will define 2022.

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Business Solutions

Healthcare's Last Mile

By David Kopf

HME filled critical gaps in care & fortified referral bonds during Covid-19. Now what?


Product Spotlight

CathWear: Rethinking Leg Bag Management

By David Kopf

Aiming to solve burdens felt by catheter patients, a new undergarment offers a unique solution for wearing and managing leg bags that emphasizes ease and quality of life.


Editor's Note

The Chips Have Fallen

By David Kopf

The microchip shortage has hit healthcare hard, but Congress is only solving part of the problem.

Observation Deck

Key 2022 Operational Issues for DME Suppliers

By Jeffrey S. Baird

Providers must have a gameplan for two key challenges this year: vaccination requirements and managed care.

Provider Strategy

Personalizing the Patient Experience

By Michael Lorenz

To maximize revenue, HME providers must create consumer-like patient care while boosting efficiencies with integrated resupply.


Problem Solvers

Assessing CMS's Audit Ramp-up

By David Kopf

Providers will see an increase in claims audits from Medicare and other funding sources in 2022. Audit expert Wayne van Halem offers insights into what they can expect for this year.

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