Nov/Dec 2020 HME Business

Nov/Dec 2020



Products & Technology

Winning Solutions

By David Kopf

This year’s winners of our New Product Award offer up solutions that are the perfect fit for today’s HME business environment. Now in its seventh year, our provider-judged competition had 22 winners that are worth checking out.


Business Solutions

Sleep Therapy's Coronavirus Academy

By David Kopf

Sleep providers had to tackle a tough learning curve during the early days of the COVID-19 public health emergency. What are the lessons they learned, the insights they gained, and how do they apply to the rest of the industry and possible future outbreaks?

David Kopf

Editor's Note

CMS's Round 2021 Surprise

By David Kopf

If CMS's decision to punt on 13 categories left you feeling left out in Limbo, it's good news. Sort of.


Products & Technology

The Strongest Link

We round up the latest HME software offerings to help ensure your business can adapt to whatever the market can throw at it — whether that’s reimbursement changes or a full-blown pandemic.


Observation Deck

Cash Sales of Medicare-Covered Items

By Jeffrey S. Baird

How much can a Medicare supplier's retail business charge for the items they supply to beneficiaries?

Provider Strategy

COVID-19 and the Future of Retail

By Rob Baumhover

What are some of the top strategies that retail HME providers have implemented to continue serving customers during COVID-19? What ones will last?

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