September/October HME Business

Sep/Oct 2020



Business Solutions

The Innovation Game

By David Kopf

Today’s senior market is different. They're willing to spend their own money on products that make a meaningful difference in their quality and enjoyment of life. Shat kinds of innovations must HME providers offer if they want to continue capturing the senior retail market?

product launch

Products & Technology

Product Launch 2020

By David Kopf

Ready for lift-off? We’ve collected solar system of compelling HME products and services that’ll help your business expand its appeal to patients and referral partners. Check out our collection of more than 25 offerings.


Business Solutions

The New ... Normal?

By David Kopf

2020 has been the year everyone would rather forget, with COVID-19 presenting the industry with a murder hornets' nest of complication in particular. What do the next few months hold for the industry? Our annual Editorial Advisory Board roundtable takes a look.


Editor's Note

So... What's a DemoCast?

By David Kopf

We’ve struck on a new way to serve up product information to providers, and it really delivers.

Observation Deck

Return of the Audits

By Wayne van Halem

CMS's announcement that audits would resume Aug. 3 was a shock. Then CMS said it would phase audits back in. What are the details?

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