December 2019 DME Pharmacy

DME Pharmacy December 2019


IT options

Weighing the IT Options

As a pharmacy continues to offer DME, it will eventually need to start billing Medicare. At that point, it will likely require additional software to handle those claims. How should a pharmacy proceed?

orthopedic products

Orthopedic Products: At Your Service

By David Kopf

There are a wide variety of customers that need orthopedic products. How can smart DME pharmacies serve that need?

diabetes profitability

Pushing Diabetes Profitability

By Holly J. Wagner

Test strips and meters bring diabetes patients in the door. To drive profitability, you need to give patients more help once they're inside.


David Kopf

Editor's Note

Tapping Into the Market for Compression Products

By David Kopf

The market for compression products includes a variety of patient and consumer populations that DME pharmacies can reach to drive more retail revenue.


The Personal Touch

By Holly J. Wagner

New technology can bring you closer to your patients and reduce staff labor and error rates at the same time

What's for Lunch?

By Holly J. Wagner

Part of helping diabetes patients manage their condition involves helping them to eat better. What if patients are living in a 'food desert?'