June 2019 HME Business

June 2019



HME Business Handbook: Oxygen

How to Educate Your Oxygen Patients on POC Usage

How do providers educate both patients that aren't using their POCs as much as they should be, as well as help 'super users' understand device limitations?

Sleep Therapy

HME Business Handbook: Sleep Therapy

How to Fast Track Getting the Right Mask and Fit For Patients

How can sleep therapy providers implement the sorts of procedures that will foster the right mask selection and fit?

HME Software

HME Business Handbook: Software

How to Automate Key Steps In Your Patient Workflow

Providers must deliver stellar service in the face of reimbursement cuts, which means they must maximize workflow efficiency. How can the industry's software offerings help?


HME Business Handbook: Compression

How to Maximize Your Compression Market Reach

The market for compression products is huge and fed by a variety of patient populations. How do providers make the most of that opportunity?

Pain Management

How to Start Providing CBD Products

Many providers of pain management solutions face a dilemma with CBD: they know that there is a good opportunity for it, but they don’t know how to get into the market. How can they get started?


HME Business Handbook: Accreditation

How to Leverage Specialized Accreditation Services

Medicare accreditation has become such a gold standard for HME care that specialized programs have emerged. What are they and how do providers take advantage of them?


HME Business Handbook: MSOs

How to Use MSOs for Billing and Reimbursement Education

Today's member service organizations offer a variety of ways to help their members sharpen their billing and reimbursement games.


HME Business Handbook: Financing

How to Tap Into Various Options to Finance HME Purchases

American consumers are buying more HME out of pocket — including more pricey options. How can providers help them finance the bigger purchases?

Revenue Cycle Management

HME Business Handbook: RCM

How to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle Management

How should RCM work in the world of HME and how can providers use IT to optimize their entire revenue performance?


David Kopf

Editor's Note

Be Prepared. Be Involved.

By David Kopf

The trends impacting HME never stop and neither should you.

Rob Boeye

Observation Deck

Managing Your Revenue Cycle

By Rob Boeye

Advanced analytics and best practices take you everywhere you need to go.

Wayne van Halem

Provider Strategy

A Scary New Trend: Six-Year Lookback Audits

By Wayne van Halem

Understanding another 'new normal' for HMEs from HHS OIG.


Product Solutions: Sleep Therapy

By Kaitlyn DeHaven

A key to driving revenue and providing value for patients and referral partners is to supply cutting-edge products. We round up some of the latest offerings on the market.

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