May 2019 HME Business

May 2019



Business Solutions

Exploring CBD

By David Kopf

Pain management has been a key category for many HME providers. Now CBD represents a key market opportunity for those businesses, but it also represents entirely new territory. How do providers move into the CBD market?

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Business Solutions

Ideas for Growth

By Holly J. Wagner

Providing respiratory products and services continues to be a business beset by declining reimbursement. We interviewed several experts who offered up more than 30 pro-tips to help oxygen providers add revenue and widen margins.


Business Solutions

Using the Accreditation Multi-Tool

By David Kopf

The role that accreditation plays in HME has expanded beyond a simple Medicare requirement. Providers can use it to differentiate in their market and even take advantage of new opportunities. How can providers maximize its value?


Morgan Dopplick

Provider Strategy

Reinventing HME Resupply

By Morgan Dopplick

Optimizing resupply programs for increased profits is expanding beyond sleep. What lessons can we apply?

David Kopf

Editor's Note

Hey, is This Thing on?

By David Kopf

We've launched a new service and I'm pretty excited about it. Let me tell you more.

Jeff Baird

Observation Deck

Retail: A Separate Legal Entity

By Jeffrey S. Baird

What are the advantages of setting up a cash business as a separate legal entity, and what are the licensure, prescription and notice requirements?


Problem Solvers

Next-Level Referral Management

By Leila McNeill

Providers need to ditch the old spreadsheet and tap into the tools offered by HME software to manage their referral partnerships.

Product Solutions

Senior Products

By Leila McNeill

HME providers can carry a wide-range of senior care products that can help seniors live safely in their homes.

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