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March 2019



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6 Must-Stock Retail Categories

By Leila McNeill

Every HME provider in the industry knows that retail sales offer a logical way to extend their funded business as well as reach new, cash-paying customers. What they might not know is which categories are proven winners. We talk to various HME providers and retail sales experts to learn more about the top-selling products that drive revenue for them, and what should be must-stock items for your retail business.


David Kopf

Editor's Note

A Shifting Landscape?

By David Kopf

Distant market forces could move the earth under providers' feet. How should they react?

Observation Deck

5 Ways to Build Referral Sources

By George Coppola

This five-minute read will give you five easy steps to help you educate your oxygen referral partners and strengthen those relationships in the process.

Provider Strategy

How to Drive Two Trains at Once

By Michael Scarsella

Three ways advanced KPIs and analytics can help HME providers increase their profitability.


Product Solutions


By Leila McNeill

A quick roundup of some of the latest developments in HME billing and management software.

Problem Solvers

Taking Accreditation to the Next-Level

By David Kopf

Providers have learned that accreditation can be a marketplace differentiator, but how can they magnify that competitive advantage?

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