January/February 2019 HME Business

Jan/Feb 2019



Products & Technology

Keeping Pace With HME's KPIs

By Leila McNeill

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) has become an essential element in managing a successful HME business. Moreover, the number and variety of metrics providers use to measure their performance continues to expand. We talk to various experts to survey the KPIs today's providers must track, and how they can use technology to do that.


Business Solutions

Setting a Smart Strategy for 2019

By David Kopf

Are you setting the right strategy for 2019? This marks our 11th annual survey of the 10 key trends that will impact the home medical equipment industry the most during the New Year. In this year's list, larger healthcare and retail trends could impact HME more than anticipated. As a result, this installment of the Big 10 list is a must-read.


Observation Deck

3 Keys to Billing Headache Relief

By Rob Boeye

Trying to roll with the increasing complexity of HME billing? Here's a three-part formula leveraging technology that can give providers more control.

David Kopf

Editor's Note

The CBD Opportunity

By David Kopf

CBD could help a lot of HME customers suffering from pain issues, and this represents a good business opportunity, but some things must happen before HMEs should dive in.

Provider Strategy

Clinically Speaking: Group 2 vs. Group 3

By Julie Piriano

Determining which type of power wheelchair is right for a client requires 'knowing the code' as well as understanding patient needs.



Product Profile

Therapy That Fits in Your Pocket

By David Kopf

Thanks to some innovative technology, the FLYP portable nebulizer offers drug delivery in a surprisingly small form factor.

Product Solutions


By Leila McNeill

A wide variety of HME patients can benefit from compression offerings, which offer a solid retail sales opportunity for providers. What are some of the latest offerings on the market.

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