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October 2018


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A Look Ahead For HME

By David Kopf

Each October we ask the members of HMEB’s editorial advisory board to share their insights into the trends, obstacles, challenges and opportunities that providers will likely encounter over the next several months. This year, the board members are pointing to several developments that providers might not have on their radars.


David Kopf

Editor's Note

Say 'Hello' to Your Future

By David Kopf

How in touch are you with the future of your business? If you say 'not very,' you're not alone. However, a change in perspective could help your HME business realize more of its strategic goals.

Observation Deck

Your Strategic Sales Growth Plan

By Ty Bello

Most sales growth plans fail. Here are three steps any provider can take to implement a winning sales strategy.


XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chair

Product Profile

Filling a Unique Mobility Niche

By David Kopf

Shoprider's XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chairs aren't full-blown CRT, but they help patients with needs that go beyond a basic, Group 1 device.

Product Solutions

Incontinence and Urological Supplies

By David Kopf

Providing incontinence and urological supplies with compassion, discretion and product knowledge fills a critical need in many patients' lives. What are some of the latest offerings?

Problem Solvers

Giving Mastectomy Patients Choices

By David Kopf, Leila McNeill

Despite the large population of mastectomy patients, Medicare does not fund custom breast prostheses. A new campaign and bill aims to change that.

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