September 2018 HME Business

September 2018



Products & Technology

10 E-Commerce Winners

By David Kopf, Leila McNeill

Providers face two pivotal trends: retail sales and a growing volume of online HME purchases. For providers looking to capitalize on the expanding e-commerce market for HME, we profile 10 categories that are performing the best and round up some of the latest offerings in those categories.

Oxygen and Travel

Special Focus on Portable Oxygen

02 On The Go

By Holly J. Wagner

How can respiratory providers help their long-term oxygen therapy patients travel?

oxygen rental

Special Focus on Portable Oxygen

The Two Sides of Rental

By Holly J. Wagner

While respiratory providers typically focus on Medicare's 36-month rental, there is also a short-term rental market. Entering either requires solid planning.


Business Solutions

Retail: Having the Right Plan

By David Kopf

Planograms represent a critical element in providers' merchandising strategies. However, they are often underutilized. How do planograms help sell? What goes into an effective planogram? How can providers start integrating and implementing planograms into their showrooms?

remote patient monitoring

Special Focus on Portable Oxygen

Seeing the Bigger Picture

By Holly J. Wagner

What factors need to happen in order for remote patient monitoring to become an ubiquitous care technology for oxygen provider and patients?


Editor's Note

ESRD Rule: It's a Start

By David Kopf

The proposed rule includes a lot of positives, but experts have pointed out some notable issues.

Problem Solvers

E-Prescribe Is Coming to HME

By Leila McNeill

What should providers know and how should they prepare before transitioning to an e-prescription system?

Provider Strategy

Let Your Data Speak

By Sunil Krishnan

Three ways advanced KPIs and analytics can help HME providers increase their profitability

Observation Deck

Going the Distance Against Bidding

By Tom Ryan


HME's Three e-Commerce Models

By David Kopf

How do providers approach e-commerce? It starts by picking from three basic business models for HME e-commerce.

Product Solutions

Sleep Therapy

By David Kopf

Sleep providers must closely monitor the marketplace to see what new devices and related products are available. Here are some of the latest offerings.

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