December 2017 HME Business

December 2017


baby boomers

Business Solutions

Reaching Baby Boomers

By Joseph Duffy

The Baby Boom is not like previous generations of HME customers. How can providers ensure their products, marketing and sales efforts are connecting in the way that they should with this key market?

the best products

Products & Technology

HMEB New Product Award 2017: Simply the Best

By David Kopf

The winners of the 2017 HME Business New Product of the Year Awards embody the qualities that truly can make a difference in patients' lives and providers’ businesses. Here's your chance to learn more about them.

right tools for the job

Products & Technology

The Right Tools for the Job

By David Kopf

Software continues to serve as providers' primary tool for tackling the multiplicity of marketplace, billing and regulatory challenges they face. Each year, HMEB surveys the various HME software systems to see what's new.


David Kopf

Editor's Note

Sticking to Strategy

By David Kopf

Accomplishing strategic goals can sometimes feel impossible. I have a couple solutions.

Observation Deck

Living in the Micro-Moment

By Cassi Price

In an age all the answers at clients' fingertips, how do you ensure your HME business is 'in the moment' with today's consumer?


Product Solutions


By Sydny Shepard

There are a variety of offerings available for various compression needs. Here are some of the latest products on the market.

Problem Solvers

Mobility: Building on the Initial Sale

By Joseph Duffy

How can providers better understand retail power mobility accessory opportunities, and how can they expand their sales volume?

'Caretailing' Your Way into the Baby Boomer Marketing

By Joseph Duffy

Retail expert Rob Baumhover shares some insights into retail strategies for Boomers.

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