November 2017 DME Pharmacy

DME Pharmacy November 2017



Golden Opprotunity: Compression for Pharmacies

By Joseph Duffy

Almost one out of every two customers that enter a pharmacy could have chronic venous insufficiency. Are pharmacists missing out by not pushing compression products to their ?

managing pain

Pharmacy Revenue: Managing Pain Beyond Drugs

By Joseph Duffy

Pain is an epidemic in America, and the opioid crisis is causing concerns about addiction, so more people are looking for drug-free relief. DME pharmacies are in the most ideal spot to serve this need.


Editor's Note

How Your Business Can Care for Caregiver Customers

By David Kopf

Caregivers need every ounce of support they can get and if your pharmacy can offer that help, it will make a difference in your local market.


Understanding Graduated Compression and Proper Fitting

By Joseph Duffy

Wound care experts explain how graduated compression works and match products to medical conditions.

Marketplace: Software for DME Pharmacies

By David Kopf, Sydny Shepard

The world of both pharmacy management and dedicated DME business management require specialized software tools to ensure things run smoothly. We round up some recent offerings.

Compression Products Worth Considering

By Sydny Shepard

A good compression business can't serve clients without having a solid product mix. We take a look at new products that can help a pharmacy round out its compression range.

Tips for Growing Your Compression Business

By Joseph Duffy

Various experts offer pro-tips on how DME pharmacies can tap into the compression market.

A Targeted Compression Strategy

By David Kopf

Compression offers a chance to expand revenues serving both existing and new patients, but there are a variety of considerations pharmacies must consider as they shape their compression business strategy.