October 2017 HME Business

October 2017


Women's Health

Becoming a Complete Post-Mastectomy Provider

By Joseph Duffy

Knowledge of the procedures and products, employing a certified mastectomy fitter, and having the compassion to help patients negotiate a traumatic life change are keys to business success.

Women's Health

The Market to Target: Women and Compression

By Joseph Duffy

When it comes to buying compression products, the vast majority of sales are from women. Here’s what you need to know to target this important demographic.

Products & Technology

Medtrade 2017 Shop Til You Drop

By Sydny Shepard

This year's edition of Medtrade offers a wide selection of DME items and business services providers are sure to want to load up on.


Shining a Light

By David Kopf

As the industry enters a transitional phase, HMEB’s Editorial Advisory Board helps providers plot a course through uncertain waters.


Provider Strategy

Time for Boot Camp

By Ty Bello

Providers must shape their staff into Customer Engagement Officers.

Observation Deck

Resupply Redefined

By Gary Long

A more strategic, automated approach to resupply for sleep therapy patients leads to better patient care and outcomes.

David Kopf

Editor's Note

Does it Take a Disaster?

By David Kopf

CMS's moves last month to support hurricane-stricken providers, patients leaves me wondering.


Women's Health

Women's Health Product Roundup

By Joseph Duffy

Women's health requires a commitment to understanding women’s unique product needs. We look at some recent offerings on the market.

Women's Health

Obtaining Mastectomy Fitter Certification

By Joseph Duffy

Providers must have the right knowledge and compassion required to help patients negotiate a traumatic life change and ensure success.

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