September 2017 HME Business

September 2017


distributed provider

Business Solutions

The Distributed Provider

By Joseph Duffy

Turnkey services providing functionalities such as enhanced inventory management, predictive ordering, warehousing and product delivery services are now supporting HME provider businesses. We take a look at how some of these services are helping HMEs drive down costs, increase convenience and expand revenues.

Power mobility retail

Business Solutions

Standard Power Mobility's Retail Renaissance

By Joseph Duffy

Power mobility products may be a higher end cash purchase, but this isn't stopping customers from paying out of pocket to get the features they want. Many patients are waiving their Medicare benefit due to the time it takes to obtain the extensive documentation, or because the funded features are limited. Instead, they are opting to buy better chairs for retail. How do mobility providers serve them?


Editor's Note

Wielding the Numbers

By David Kopf

Recent data seems worrying, but offers answers.

Observation Deck

The Power of Partnership

By George Coppola

Providers will find manufacturers to be a ready and capable marketing allies in the vendors. Those manufacturers have a vested interest in their success.

Provider Strategy

Analyzing HME's Future

By Collin Brecher

What's in store for the HME market from 2017 and beyond.


Product Solutions

Orthopedic Softgoods & Related Items

By Sydny Shepard

Orthopedics offer a long-standing category that serves multiple conditions for multiple patients. Plus it delivers both funded and retail revenue.

Legal Perspective: Selling Funded Products Using Turnkey Services

HME legal expert Jeffrey Baird helps providers address key considerations when it comes to outsourcing.

Practical Tips for Power Mobility Retail Success

By Wayne Slavitt

A 100-percent retail mobility provider shares insights on how providers can take their retail mobility to the next level.

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